A Trip Down the Billy Goat Trail

A Trip Down the Billy Goat Trail

It was a beautiful, autumn day. From my vantage point atop the cliff – alongside the stunning views – I could see  kayakers zipping through rushing[Read More...]

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Photo by Ted & Dani Percival

Salt Lake City’s Shoreline Trail

With the Wasatch Mountains looming just to the east of Salt Lake City, the hiking, biking and backpacking options are endless. For those who don’t have[Read More...]

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On a dirt road less travelled in Afghanistan - 1977

Strangers Like Angels – Book Review

Strangers Like Angels is an enchanting tale about Alec and Jan Forman, a young couple from Britain who embark on a global adventure. Set in[Read More...]

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The Truce Between the East vs the West

The Truce Between the East vs the West

Any magazine photo spread illustrating backpacking in the United States feature the grand peaks of the West, from Denali in Alaska to Mt. Rainier in[Read More...]

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Photo by Tatiana Bulyonkova

On the Hunt: Fall Mushroom Hunting in the Northwest

The rain has come. Most of us grimace and grit our teeth at the first few showers of the year, preparing to hunker down inside our[Read More...]

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Photo by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Headquarters

5 Hearty Recipes for Cold Weather Backpacking

As colder temps slowly begin to descend upon us, some people prefer to hang-up their gear in favor of slippers and a warm bed. But[Read More...]

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Off-Season Conditioning for Hiking

Off-Season Conditioning for Hiking

We’ve all had an epic year of adventures on the trail!  You should feel really good about the fitness gains you’ve made over the season. It’s[Read More...]

by October 21, 2014 0 comments Skills
Dragontail Shadowfire 360 Tenkara Rod Review

Dragontail Shadowfire 360 Tenkara Rod Review

The Dragontail Shadowfire 360 Tenkara Fly Fishing Rod is a great rod at an even greater price. For the budding Tenkara angler looking to get into[Read More...]

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Photo by Vincent Lock

Five Essentials for Fall Camping

The leaves are changing, the temperatures are dropping and you are beginning to realize you aren’t ready to call it quits with camping quite yet.[Read More...]

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Brenthaven Velo Backpack Review

Brenthaven Velo Backpack Review

If you commute by bicycle, and carry along electronics, then the Brenthaven Velo Backpack is for you! Rugged yet sleek, the Velo’s water resistant exterior protects against[Read More...]

by October 16, 2014 0 comments Gear

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