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Summer Book Review – Almost There

Summer Book Review – Almost There

Seattle Backpackers Magazine Summer Book Review ALMOST THERE Stories and Musings along the Pacific Crest Trail By G. William Jolley 231 pp. Amazon. $14.95.  [Read More…]

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A 2-year-old boy was attacked by an alligator at a Disney resort in Florida.  Photo Source:

Alligator Attack at Florida Disney Theme Park

A 2-year-old boy was taken in an alligator attack Tuesday night at a lake at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa, in Orlando.  Wednesday afternoon,[Read More…]

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Skier Remains Found

Skier Remains Found

According to the Seattle Times, skier remains found Saturday are thought to be those of a skier lost since December. Friends of lost backcountry skier,[Read More…]

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Leave a trip itinerary with a trusted friend before you go on your trip.  Photo Source:

Car Survival in the Backcountry

Most survival situations are not dramatic falls or being shipwrecked on a forgotten island. Most survival situations start as mundane events that evolve into dangerous[Read More…]

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When building survival fire in bad weather make sure to use a platform to get the fire off the snow or damp ground.  The platform should be substantial enough not to melt into the snow as the fire burns.  Photo Source:

Building Survival Fire in Bad Weather

With all the rain and snow we are getting this winter, it is time again to brush-up on building survival fire in bad weather. One[Read More…]

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Arnold identified the objects as being slender and crescent shaped.  Later reports would coin the term flying saucer.  Photo Source

Pacific Northwest Fireside Story – Is Mount Rainier an Interstellar Outdoor Destination?

Scary fireside stories are as much of the outdoor experience as pitching your tent. The next time you are covered in the warm eerie glow[Read More…]

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The bioengineered spider silk is expected to be stronger, lighter, and more flexible than traditional outdoor apparel fabrics. Image Source:  The North Face/Spiber

North Face Spider Technology Moon Parka – The Next Big Thing In Outdoor Apparel

Have you ever wanted to wear a spider web? Sounds crazy, but a new partnership announced in September between outdoor outfitter North Face and the[Read More…]

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Rooms rent fast so plan your adventure well in advance.  Source:

Northwest Treehouse Getaways

Remember your first attempt to conquer gravity and live among the trees. Dragging scrap wood into the backyard or vacant lot and bending nails until[Read More…]

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Early November dusting at the Summit at Snoqualmie.  Source:

Snow in Northwest Mountains – Looks Like Another Disappointing Year

Do you still have last year’s ski pass to one of the local mountains? Is it still in the envelop it came in? The big[Read More…]

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A Mount Rainier storm is anticipated to cause significant damage at the park. Source:

Mount Rainier Storm Closes Park Early

Mount Rainer Superintendent Randy King announced in a press release Friday that the National Park was expecting severe weather over the weekend and that evacuations[Read More…]

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