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Best Camping Spots in Washington

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In Washington, great places to camp are nearly endless. But it’s summertime, which means you’re going to want to make the most of every weekend. This article gives you some of the best camping spots in Washington to add to your shortlist, so that every night out this summer can be totally epic.

Sahale Glacier Camp – North Cascades National Park

Best Camping Spots in Washington
Sunrise at Sahale

This just might be one of the best camping spots anywhere. The camp is situated atop 3 piles of glacial rubble at the toe of Sahale Glacier. Stone rings protect you from the wind. Goats often come for a visit. And the views! An ocean of jagged summits spread out before you… oh, and the toilet has the best view in the state.

Best Camping Spots in Washington
Camped at Sahale Glacier Camp


Isolation Lake – Enchantments, Alpine Lakes Wilderness

Best Camping Spots in Washington
Isolation Lake

Hiking up Aasgard Pass with a big pack is no picnic, but once you get up, Isolation Lake is there, waiting. This is a land of rocks and ice. The serrated peaks cut the sky, and the crystal-pure, icy-cold lakes beckon. The images of this visit will stay imprinted in your brain.

Best Camping Spots in Washington
Camp at Isolation Lake


Lakeview Ridge, Pasayten Wilderness

Best Camping Spots in Washington
Jack Mountain from Lakeview Ridge

This is one of the highest points along the Pacific Crest Trail in Washington, located just south of the Canadian border. The hike in is sublime; from the trailhead at Slate Peak, you will meander up Rock Pass and shoot through Woody Pass onto the Ridge. Covered with wildflowers and affording views in every direction, you’ll have a hard time leaving.













Point of the Arches, Olympic National Park

Best Camping Spots in Washington
Point of the Arches

Camping on the beach is always awesome: the ocean breeze, the sound of the birds, the feel of the sand in between your toes, a fire at night. Point of the Arches has it all: surreal sea stacks jutting out of the Pacific, tide pools filled with critters and unbelievable sunsets.

Best Camping Spots in Washington
Sunset at Point of the Arches


Snow Grass Flats, Goat Rocks Wilderness

Best Camping Spots in Washington
Mount Adams and PCT

If you want to have it all, this is the place to come camp. Endless meadows carpeted with wildflowers, views of both Mount Rainier and Mount Adams, great camping spots and… what else is there? From the Snow Grass Flats trailhead hike up, up, up – the higher you camp, the better the views. Don’t miss a visit to the Knife’s Edge, it’s close by.

Best Camping Spots in Washington
Snow Grass Flats

For me, photography and outdoor travel have always been linked. In 1976, I planned my first trip on the Pacific Crest Trail. Two of my friends accompanied me - we hitchhiked from Eastern Pennsylvania to the Cascade Locks in Oregon and hiked south through most of Oregon on the trail. I borrowed a friends Nikkormat for the trip and tried hard to capture the look and feel of what I saw. Since that first trip on the PCT I have traveled broadly (50 states, 50 countries), yet no matter where I was living - in the US or overseas - I always felt a tug back to the Pacific Northwest. Finally settled in NW Washington, I am at home and have an abundance of outdoor photographic subjects. My favorite places are the North Cascades and the Olympic Coast. I'm currently offering photography classes in Bellingham, Burlington and Marysville as well as doing photo tours.

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