Bull Moose on the Trail


Meeting a Moose

Bull moose

Recently while hiking along Mummy Pass Trail in Rocky Mountain National Park we discovered a bull moose right along the trail. Rather than scampering into the woods as moose typically do when we hike past, this bull moose looked at us, we looked at him and seeing that we weren’t a threat he continued on as if we weren’t even there. We watched him for quite awhile, took a few pictures and counted ourselves lucky to have such a long and peaceful encounter with a bull moose.

Bull mooose 2


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Rebecca Walsh is a native of Bozeman, Montana where she grew up hiking, fishing, mountain biking and competing in cross-country skiing and biathlon. Rebecca served in the Army for 7 1/2 years before trading her combat boots in for hiking boots and a slobbery kid in a baby carrier. Rebecca lives in Laramie, Wyoming and blogs about trails in Southeastern Wyoming and Northern Colorado at http://www.justtrails.com

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