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Glamping Hub

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By: Jessica Armstrong

Glamping Hub


Saying hello to winter and goodbye to summer, is not so hard when campers and travelers can still take advantage of the amazing areas to explore in the PNW. In an area with such a close access to nature and adventure, there is no better time than the present to begin planning this holiday season’s once-in-a-lifetime getaway with family and friends!

So why not finally try glamping? Trade in your store-bought tent for a luxury tree house, or your small metal campfire for stone-built fireplace. By visiting Glamping Hub, a unique portal full of hand-picked glamping destinations around the world, roughin’ it just got a whole lot more glamorous. Make life easier and avoid searching through endless websites to find the perfect accommodation, when Glamping Hub allows travelers to easily browse through a variety of collections featuring Washington’s most one-of-a-kind glamping retreats. Treehouses, safari tents, cabins, yurts, Airstreams, and more, there is an accommodation to fit one’s every desire for the perfect glamping outdoor experience throughout the PNW.

Glampers now also have the option to browse through a variety of stunning pet-friendly accommodations on their new portal, Glamping with Pets. Being able to enjoy a closeness to nature with a four-legged friend, whilst benefiting from the five-star amenities, ordinarily found at any high-end resort, makes for a trip of a lifetime.


It’s never too late to start making your holiday wish list, and after browsing through the collections of Washington and PNW getaways, glampers are sure going to wish that the gift of glamping makes their Christmas list.

How to Protect Your Home on a Vacation

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protect your home

A vacation should be a time away from stress and worries. Don’t let your trip away from home be interrupted with concerns about home security. Follow these tips to ensure your home is protected while you are away.

Use Landscape Lighting and Timers on Indoor Lights

Burglars prefer to do their deeds unseen, and most will avoid homes that seem occupied. Use solar-powered landscape lights that come on automatically at dusk in addition to motion-detecting lights. Place the latter near exterior doors and windows.

Indoors, place several lights on timers to turn on at intervals throughout the day and evening.

Cancel Newspaper and Mail Delivery

Nothing says no one is at home like newspapers collecting in the yard and an overflowing mailbox. Call your newspaper and post office in advance to cancel delivery during your vacation.

In case the newspaper or mail service makes a mistake and delivers anyway, it is a good idea to have a neighbor or friend check your home weekly to make sure papers and mail are not piling up.

Check Your Home Insurance Plan

When you are away from home and unable to keep a close eye on everything, it is especially important to have good insurance coverage for problems that can arise. A home warranty will cover repair or replacement costs of many large appliances and home systems, such as your refrigerator, washer and dryer, HVAC system and plumbing. Most home warranties also cover electrical problems and roof damage.

Use an Automated Alarm System

If you do not already have a home alarm system, now is the time to get one installed. Choose a reputable company who has live operators on call 24 hours a day. Locks on doors or windows can be broken, but the sound of a wailing alarm is enough to drive many burglars away. In addition, when burglars feel a house is secured this way, they won’t even attempt to break in. Use the signs the alarm company gives you and display them in both the front and backyards.

Use Smart Technology

Take advantage of new technology to protect your home during your vacation. Wi-fi capable home devices, such as cameras, thermostats and lighting enable you to keep a closer eye on your home while away.

Through a variety of Smart phone apps you can also control several things, such as door locks, lights, or the temperature setting on your thermostat.

Schedule Landscape Service

In summer, a vacation usually includes having someone mow your grass while you are away. In winter, it can mean having someone clear snow from walkways and driveways. A neglected landscape can draw a burglar’s interest to your home because it is like posting a sign in the yard that you are away.

Care for Plumbing

The biggest plumbing risk is in winter due to the potential for frozen pipes. Avoid burst pipes and damaging flooding by shutting off the water supply.

In warm weather, you won’t have to worry about frozen pipes, but you should still consider shutting off the water if you will be gone for two weeks or longer. This prevents flooding if something springs a leak. However, to keep everything working well when you are gone at length, have a trusted friend visit your home to turn the water back on and let water run through faucets and flush toilets once a month.

Use Caution on Social Media

It can be tempting to talk about your upcoming trip or to post photos of places you are visiting, but it is safest to keep your vacation plans quiet until after you have arrived safely home. Assume that potential burglars can view anything you write on a public platform.

When it comes to safeguarding your home, there is no such thing as being overly-cautious. It is better to practice an abundance of caution and arrive to a safe, secure home than it is to skimp on security measures. When you take care of home security and safety factors in advance, you will be able to enjoy more peace of mind while you are away.

First American Ascent of Mount Everest–50th Anniversary

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On May 1, 1963 Seattle native Jim Whittaker became the first American to stand on top of the world. Three weeks later, on May 22, Tom Hornbein lead a team to the summit of Mount Everest via the West Ridge. This year, we celebrate fifty years of Americans on Everest thanks to these pioneers.

The American Alpine Club (AAC) will hold its annual Benefit Dinner in San Francisco on February 23 to honor all living members of the 1963 expedition. The AAC Benefit Dinner will feature Hornbein, Whittaker, Norman Dyhrenfurth, Allen Auten, David Dingman, Maynard Miller, and Richard Pownall, and offers attending climbers a chance to dine with this incredible group of mountaineers. These living legends have inspired generations of climbers and their accomplishments mark the beginning of an era of mountaineering. Unfortunately, the event was sold out far in advance, which is a testament to its historical significance.

In related news, Whittaker will be the keynote speaker at the upcoming Gear Expo at Comcast Arena in Everett on June 1-2. This event will be another chance to meet this mountaineering legend and an opportunity to hear Whittaker’s own account of his historic ascent. Don’t miss it!

SBM is planning a celebration in Seattle to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Whittaker’s climb. Come celebrate this historical day with other mountaineers, hikers and enthusiasts in the Seattle area. We’re bringing together our own exciting group of local Everest climbers for the celebration. Stay tuned for more event details but save the date, May 1, now.

Until then, check out these awesome photos from the historic 1963 expedition.





Outdoor Retailer Winter Market, Farewell

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Also see: Day 1 and 2

It was a little quieter at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2013 yesterday as vendors started packing up their tents and PR teams boarded planes back to their respective corners of the country. But there were still friends to be found walking the floor and ready to share their passions and still plenty of cool stuff to see. We’ve had a blast at ORWM 2013 and hope you’ve enjoyed your exclusive peek into the conference with SBM! Many gear reviews to come! Thanks for sharing the adventure!



SBM Editor Erika Klimecky (left) with Amelia of (right) and Kathy from



The Teva boot in a block of ice! Cool!


Wolverine threw a great party with Macklemore!

June Photo Contest

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Hungry Hikers provides innovative, lightweight, delicious and hearty meals to the backpacker

June Photo Contest Giveaway Theme: Spring Flowers

We’re giving away this awesome set of Hungry Hiker meals and Camelbak backpack to the winner!

June Photo Contest
Hungry Hikers provides innovative, lightweight, delicious and hearty meals to the backpacker

Add your best photo of Spring Flowers to our contest here. You will be eligible IF you:

-Caption your photo with First Name, Last Initial and Photo Title

-Subscribe to the newsletter – that’s how we announce our winner.

Don’t forget to vote on  your favorites!

SMALL PRINT: All photos are moderated before displaying. Please only upload your photo once. Any photo uploaded without complete caption will not be considered. Watch the July 5 newsletter for the winning photo. Winner is the photo that receives the most “favorite” votes.

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