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Cocoon Polarized Fitover Sunglass Review

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Cocoon Eyewear has released a new line of sunglasses designed to fit over prescription glasses. Cocoon’s Polarized Fitover Sunglasses use Flex2Fit frames made from ballistic nylon that adjust comfortably and securely to the size and shape of the head. The durability of the frame is also enhanced by the strong hinges between the frame around the eye and the temples.sunglass

The lenses, which are designed by Polaré, come in five different colors depending on the amount of light: gray, amber, copper, yellow and blue. Despite the variances in light transmission, all the lenses are designed for strong sun protection, filter 100% of UVA/UVB light, and are polarized.

The Gray Polarized Lens is the standard of the lenses, which is 100% polarized and allows for 15% light transmission. It is best for cloudless days with a bright, strong sun when enhanced light contrast is not necessary. These can be used on a daily basis.

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The Polarized Fitover Sunglasses also offer the Amber Lens, which is polarized and allows for 14% light transmission. Unlike the Gray Polarized Lens, the amber lenses absorb blue light waves emitted from the sun, which sharpens visual accuracy particularly on overcast, low light, or variable light days. This accuracy encompasses not only depth perception but also the acuteness of color perception. In this regard, the Amber Lens deters this type of light’s tendency to washout colors and increases the vibrancy and sharpness of the surroundings. Using these glasses while fishing, boating, and doing other water sports is particularly effective since the lenses absorb extraneous light reflecting off of water surfaces that would inhibit depth perception.

All of the Polarized Fitover Sunglass lenses are strong enough to prevent scratches from minimal pressure on any surface but will be damaged by heavy pressure applied on rough surfaces like rocks.

Fitover 1Cocoon Eyewear offers all lenses and frames in seven different sizes. Although their website includes a size chart, the quantitative fit does not coincide exactly with the actual fit. Frames that, by centimeter measurements, should fit around a user’s glasses tend to fit too tightly around the temples and not extend fully around the prescription glasses, especially if the lenses of the latter cover a larger area of the eye. Buyers may want to purchase a size up from their measurements but should still be aware that the frame of a size up may be too larger for the face.

The Polarized Fitover Sunglasses come with a limited lifetime warranty, a carrying case, and a lens cloth. They can be$49.95 purchased for at

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