Extreme Backcountry Skiing Images by Jason Hummel

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We are pleased to share these extreme skiing images by Jason Hummel who brought these back from recent adventures. His description is below each photo.

©Jason Hummel

The day before, we were on the summit of the peak in the distance. That’s Mount Baker poking its head out of the clouds. And skiing the slope fifty feet below the summit of Mount Shuksan is Adam Roberts. He makes the effort of climbing and skiing nearly 15,000 vertical feet in two days look easy.

©Jason Hummel
In this image, Forest McBrian nears the summit of Bonanza Peak’s NW Buttress in mid winter. Blowing and falling ice and snow mix in the sunlight. Conditions are perfect. In moments we’d be standing on the summit with our skis on, balanced at the edge, ready to descend what we had worked so hard to climb.
©Jason Hummel
During a six-day ski traverse through the Alpine Lakes Wilderness of Washington State, Kyle Miller and I find ourselves above the clouds. For the previous two days we’d been stuck in the snow and wind atop Mount Daniel. Now we are in the midst of beauty. Temperatures would range from 25 to 95 degrees over the course of this week-long adventure. Welcome to spring in the Northwest!


With his brothers and parents, Jason Hummel explored the Cascade Mountains near his home prolifically. Graduating from Morton High School in the shadow of Mount Rainier, Hummel moved to Bellingham where he then received his bachelor's degree in finance. Being so close to the mountains there was more time spent skiing, hiking, biking and climbing than studying. Little did he know all that shying away from his studies would eventually lead him into a career in being outdoors as an adventure photographer. It was quite different from spending 9 years working his way to becoming a Financial Advisor. Yet it was a rewarding change. Nowadays he is a nationally published photographer. He works for such companies as Outdoor Research, Eddie Bauer, Genuine Guide Gear, Backcountry Magazine, Patagonia, etc.

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