VEGAN Food Crawl (1)

Healthy Outdoor Food – 2nd Annual Vegan Food Crawl

    It’s time to get stoked! Are you a long-time vegan, a new vegan or just starting to explore how to reduce the amount of animal products in your diet? Seattle Backpackers Magazine is committed to healthy outdoor food.  It’s time to get excited, connect, learn about healthy outdoor food, and have fun during… Keep Reading

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Summer Book Review – Amazing Trail Recipe Book

GOOD FOOD For outdoor adventures By Tanya Krezevka 230 pp. Available through Amazon or directly from Trail Recipes for $19.00   Food is important, especially in the outdoors where weather and exertion can put the body in a diminished capacity to perform.  Beyond the physical need to fuel the body, food is also an important… Keep Reading

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Women’s Mobile Mummy 800 3-Season Sleeping Bag

Backpacking is all about versatility. If one piece of gear can serve as two, you’re saving weight and keeping your gear consolidated. Sierra Designs tackles the age-old backpacking problem: should I bring more layers for hanging out around camp, or go light and forgo the fireside conversation? As a cold-blooded backpacker, I typically carry an unnecessary… Keep Reading


The Sawatch 15 Sleeping Bag – A New Way to Look at an Old Design

Katabatic Gear takes a new look at the traditional sleeping bag with the Sawatch 15.  The Sawatch 15 sleeping bag features a unique quilt style design that attempts to keep the insulation where you need it most for increased warmth at a lightweight.  The design also eliminates the zipper to allow for versatile use as… Keep Reading


Vegan Backpacking Meal Plan: 3-4 Day Minimalist Style

Last week we covered vegan backpacking tips and tricks to optimize your outdoor performance.  This week I present a sample 3-4 day minimalist vegan backpacking meal plan.  Get your backpack ready, it has never been easier or more fun to be a vegan in the outdoors! Breakfast Options Vega One, Vooluu, or other “complete shake”… Keep Reading

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Summer Book Review – Almost There

Seattle Backpackers Magazine Summer Book Review ALMOST THERE Stories and Musings along the Pacific Crest Trail By G. William Jolley 231 pp. Amazon. $14.95.   Writing a book is difficult.  Writing a good book is herculean. In Almost There, G. William Jolley has written a good book.  The book is a memoir of a complicated… Keep Reading


Vegan Backpacking Tips and Tricks for Optimal Performance

Vegan backpacking provides an incredible way to rediscover our wonderful outdoors that is cruelty-free and healthy, in addition to connecting even closer to Mother Nature. If you are new to vegan backpacking, it may seem difficult, however with strategic planning, it’s easy and quite fun! Fueling with wholesome, nutrient-dense plant foods to maximize performance is exciting and… Keep Reading

Breaking News

Grizzly Bear Kills Man in Glacier National Park

Grizzly bear kills man in Glacier National Park.  Brad Treat, 38, of Montana was killed Wednesday in a grizzly bear attack in Glacier National Park.  According to the Flathead County Sheriff Chuck Curry, Treat, was attacked at 2 p.m. while riding his mountain bike with another adult male rider.  The attack occurred on U.S. Forest… Keep Reading

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