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I have several mini missions in life. One of them is to find the perfect ultralight backpacking tent. My latest find is the Sierra Designs Mojo 2, and I’ll tell you why it works for me. I don’t do tarps or sleep out in the open simply because I am mosquito bait. I require walls and preferably a rain fly because I live in Seattle and usually camp near Seattle where it’s usually raining.

If I don’t have to look at the instructions the first time I set up a tent, I am a happy camper. Living room set up number one was pretty successful and I pitched it in less than five minutes only checking the instructions once. The second time was on a mountain at 8500 feet and was even more slick, so the intuitive design gets high marks!  With two poles and 13 stakes, the Mojo 2 is a one piece design, meaning it has no separate rain fly. Instead the fly is built onto the tent itself, which facilitates pitching as well as minimizing weight. I was a little unnerved by the position of the rain fly though. If it doesn’t come to the ground, it inevitably lets rain in, especially in our neck of the woods. This is a three-season tent and  I wouldn’t take it in a deluge, but it would certainly outlast a simple tarp and be far more comfortable.

SD mojo2-3

The Mojo 2 went with me to Mount Adams. I pulled it out of my backpack and set it up in the field in about three minutes. Sierra Designs is taking steps to make a greener product in the Mojo 2. The poles and stakes are “green anodized” which means fewer resources were used in the process that strengthens the metal. The materials are light and strong. In standard mountain wind, as long as it is staked down, I had no concerns that it would blow down or be damaged. It’s solid and stable. Head room is ample to sit comfortably and even crawl around.

SD mojo2-4

SD mojo2-2

It has a tapered foot area, thin floor and mostly mesh walls, all of which help this tent weigh in at less than three pounds. I weighed it twice. A complete tent under three pounds is a beautiful thing.


  • Under three pounds! I am jumping up and down.
  • Easy and intuitive to set up
  • Priced reasonably for UL gear
  • Single piece design
  • Lots of useful netting, reducing weight
  • Plenty of stake out points



  • Rain fly doesn’t come all the way to the ground
  • A little cozy for two reasonable sized people
  • It also comes in a three person model in case you like the extra room and a little more weight.

Click to Purchase the Sierra Designs Mojo 2-Person Ultralight Tent

Technical Details:

Manufacturer: Sierra Designs

Capacity: 2

Season: 3
Trail Weight: 2 lbs 11 oz / 1.22 kg
Packed Weight: 3 lbs 2 oz / 1.42 kg
Interior Area: 26.50 ft/ 2.46 m2
Vestibule Area: 7.00 ft2 / .65 m2
Peak Height: 38 in / 97 cm
Packed Length: 17.5 in.
Packed Diameter: 5 in.
Number of doors: 1
Number of poles: 2 hubbed


sd mojo2464_std

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