7 Mistakes to Avoid When Writing a Photo Essay



The photo essay is such a unique writing style that lets you communicate unlimited content to the audience without using too many words. From this side, photo essays are priceless, – no wonder they have gained great popularity among bloggers, artists, and journalists. While words often cannot fully describe the message, pictures come in handy here; they support the key points, aid understanding, and make the readers easier perceive what you wanna say.

Compared to the average essays, the thing that is in the focus in the photo essay is pictures; the text only serves as comments to images, supporting what people see on the screen. As intriguing and fabulous as it is, the genre is not less demanding. While it may seem like a very simple thing to do, it doesn’t mean it is true. Freshmen at this writing genre may be at first passionate about it, but there are some pitfalls we want to prevent you from. So let us start!

The Most Widespread Mistakes in Writing Photo Essays

If you aim to create an eye-catching and breathtaking photo essay, read further to be aware of the key mishaps to stay away from.

  • Having no connection between images and the central message. Have you ever come across pictures on Facebook, not even slightly related to the contents of quotes given below? If you know what we mean, it looks weird. Not to repeat those kinds of mistakes in essays, try to think every time how closely images and words are connected to each other. Unless you manage these aspects, the audience will never grasp what you wanted to convey.  
  • Neglecting to know your audience. Besides having no related ground between images and quotes, another mistake you might unconsciously make is the lack of knowing your target audience. Each person is a separate universe, containing their own beliefs, sets of values, experiences. If a writer doesn’t bother to delve into those things, he is unlikely to become popular among people of different backgrounds. It is mostly rooted in cultures, ethnicity, upbringing, education, etc. Here also belong political correctness and tolerance to non-traditional and non-standard.  
  • The absence of one central idea or story. Every written work should have a good story to tell. It doesn’t necessarily have to be fiction, – it is just the feeling of excitement that it should awaken and the sense of completion afterwards. That is why writing captions to the photos you have chosen, start with questions, challenges, and burning issues, and give the lessons and outcomes at the end.
  • No previous research. No matter how well the photos you include are retouched, the essay should be based on something more. It is the new thing you want to introduce, the direction you want to invite other artists into, some new lessons you have learnt during the creative investigation and want to show in the open.
  • The lack of personalization in the photo essay. Naturally, the photo essay can do as a great variant of the creative portfolio. Therefore, applying for a job or showing your artistic accomplishments to the world, you need it to be centered around YOU. Taking photos by some other people would not do. People are eager to see your story in the form of pictures, not the copied one. If it makes a huge problem for you to devise captions by yourself, use high-quality help of a good paper writing service whose experts handle such requests as write my essay for me online. In this case, instead of a poor set of comments, you will get a professional essay deserving not less than an A grade.
  • Plan your shots. Okay, let us imagine you know that in several weeks you are writing a photography essay, plan a little trip to a picturesque area, – to the mountains, to the old farmhouse with stunning landscapes, or just go to the local school for inspiration. When having your snaps planned, or, at least, spontaneous, yet prepared beforehand, you will always have something to boast of!
  • Don’t strive the guts out of your photos, trying to make them perfect. Every time one encounters a ‘too-perfect’ type of artist, piece of writing, or even a person, it just doesn’t seem real. The era of air brushed looks is, luckily, coming to an end. Today you can be the imperfect yourself and still be valued more than the artificial artists who like to have it all together.

To wrap it all up, we want you to be a successful photo essay writer. Just don’t forget to consider your message, target audience, conduct extended research, plan shots beforehand, and tell an authentic story through your snaps. Be yourself, do not shy away from your imperfections, and your essay will gain the success you have always dreamt of.


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