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The Laugavegur trail in Iceland is an incredible adventure and well worth the time and effort to plan out. The trail carves its way through some of the most impressive landscapes and scenery that Iceland has to offer. If you are thinking about hiking the trail and are doing research, here are 7 tips that will help with your planning.


1) Book your huts in advance

Huts cost about 50 dollars per person each night and must be booked in advance. Plan on booking the huts you want at least 5 months before your trip, or you might have to be put on a waitlist. The easiest way to make reservations is sending an email to fi@fi.isIceland 19b



2) You do not need to book every hut

While it’s nice not having to pack a tent or stove, you miss out on the full experience of the trail if you don’t. Also some of the the huts can get overcrowded and stuffy. The hut that is the most important to book is Hrafntinnusker, since camping in the mountain pass can be brutal if the weather is bad. But at Emstrur-Botnar, and especially Thórsmörk, the campsites are great to camp in.Iceland 20b



3) Bring some money for the trail

Most of the camps have rustic showers. The shower stalls are not fancy, yet are an amazing luxury to have while on the trail. Showers cost 500 ISK (coins) for about 5 minutes. Also at the end of the trail in Thórsmörk, there is a small shop that sells candy and beer. You do not want to miss out on that treat.Iceland 21b



4) Be prepared for snow

Most of the trail is free of snow, and the mountain passes usually do not have an abundance of snow in late summer. But when the weather turns bad or if there is a cold summer, the snow can pile up. The best way to prepare for snow is to make sure you have gloves that stay warm while wet (or have good waterproofing) and waterproof boots.Iceland 22b



5) Be prepared for river crossings

There are numerous river crossings along the trail. Bring good, lightweight water shoes packed for easy access on the trail. You can also bring a small, camping hand towel to dry off your feet before putting your hiking boots back on.Iceland 23b



6) Bring the right gear

Iceland’s weather can be harsh, and the on the trail, you will be exposed to the elements with little to no shelter; so you will need proper gear for this trip. Cotton clothing such as jeans, T-shirts, socks and sweatshirts is not suitable for the Laugavegur. Particularly important is good rain gear.Iceland 24b



7) Take your time

There is lots of good day hiking, so planning an extra day or two to explore is time well spent. This is not a trail you want to rush through.

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