With winter stretching for months in some areas of the country, that old familiar friend is often lurking behind the corner… cabin fever. We’ve all been there, long cold nights, grey sky, no motivation. Having the desire and need to get out can be one of the best remedies to kiss your blues away. Summer is approaching, and soon enough it will be time to get out in shorts and a t-shirt and play. Here are some of my past adventures from across the country.

Acadia National Park, Maine

By far one of my favorite parks in the Northeast. Situated on the Maine coastline, visiting here is like a step back in time. The park and nearby towns echo that early 20th century feel, the sea breeze kisses your lips with hints of salt, and the seafood is to die for. Last summer I spent a week here, climbing, hiking and taking the Northeast culture in. It’s a must if you’re going to be in Maine.

Adventures from across the country
Heather Porpiglia on the Beehive Trail above Sand Beach


Moab – Indian Creek, Utah

If you love the desert and stunning views, this needs to be on your tick list for the summer. Three hours southeast by car from Salt Lake City, the town of Moab is nestled in the desert; its hot, dry and the activities you can find there are endless. Late summer last year, I spent a long weekend here climbing in Indian Creek, but there is more than just climbing. Skydiving, hiking, rafting… the list goes on. It’s one of the most dramatic landscapes our country has to offer and is a must if you’re in Utah.

Adventures from across the country
The sun sets after a long day of climbing in Indian Creek


Rocky Mountains, Colorado

I’m proud to call it my new home. The state is full of flat desert plains, alpine lakes, snow in June and July and a host of activities to keep you occupied for a lifetime. From Denver, you can easily take shuttle services, rental cars, or public transportation to a range of locations, from Rocky Mountain National Park to historic landmarks. If you’re in town for a day or two, check out St. Mary’s Glacier, just an hour west of Denver and a 15 minute hike leads you to a dramatic views like you’ve never imagined. It’s a great place for lunch or to just get out for the day in the shadow of massive cliffs, a small glacier, and a stunning alpine lake.

Adventures from across the country
Amber Heller at St. Mary’s Glacier


Seneca Rocks, West Virginia

If you want to get away from cell service and the hustle of crowded areas, this is the destination for you. Just under 3 hours from Washington D.C. Seneca Rocks is tucked in the western mountains of West Virginia. There are few towns around and the pace here is pretty slow. It throws you back to a time of small country stores and campfires late into the night. The area offers up stunning climbs, amazing hiking, and nearby Spruce Knob, West Virginia’s high point in Monongahela National Forest.

Adventures from across the country
Heather Porpiglia on the South Summit of Seneca Rocks





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