On a cold night under the stars, the only thing better than the warmth of a good sleeping bag is the warmth of another person. If somehow one can manage both of those things at once, then the night is welcome to last as long as it likes. In the embrace of both a good sleeping bag and a lover, the starlight may linger. The Alite Sexy Hotness sleeping bag promises the opportunity for such a slumber.

We tested the Alite Sexy Hotness sleeping bags in a variety of environments, in the dry desert mountains of Arizona and New Mexico, on the shores of sky-skimming Oregonian lakes, clutching the snow-packed cliffs of Utah’s canyons, and laid along the breezy sands of Southern California’s coasts. Each environment highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of the Sexy Hotness bags.


Overall, the Sexy Hotness sleeping bags really are wonderful for when one wants to get extra close to that extra special tent-mate. Unfortunately, they are unsuitable for all but the narrowest range of environments.


  • Concerning the fit of the bags, we tested two Large bags which, Alite recommends for sleepers shorter than 6’2″. My wife and I both fit this range (me: 5’11”, she: 5’8″) and were comfortable in the bags. Neither of us would have wanted the bags to be any smaller.
  • Featuring zippers in places that make it an awkward camping accoutrement to show your in-laws (experience proves), the Sexy Hotness sleeping bag affords camper one and camper two the maneuverability to engage in all sorts of night-time activity… like taking a romantic stroll in the moonlight while still wearing one’s bag. Interlaced alternately, the zippers allow the two sleeping bags to, ahem, become one.


  • At Christmas-time along California’s coast, as the celestial air floated around 30 degrees, Alite’s Sexy Hotness bags were sublime. We intertwined the two bags into one and were so toasty we did not want to rise with the sun. The Sexy Hotness bags combine in such a way as to allow all of the warmth sharing body parts to commingle while maintaining separate, close containers for each sleeper’s head and feet. This feature locks in the body heat that would otherwise escape from those extremities.


  • Each Sexy Hotness bag is rated at 20 degrees. I do not normally use a 20 degree bag as I find them only suitable for a small range of climates. I would much rather alternate between a 40 degree bag with a liner and a 0 degree bag than be either too warm or too cold in a 20 degree bag. So, the Sexy Hotness bags were too warm to take advantage of their more alluring features in the hot campgrounds of Arizona and New Mexico and to cold even when combined into one big snuggly bag in the negative and positive single digit degree nights in Oregon and Utah.
  • The Alite Sexy Hotness sleeping bags are not built for backpacking. They are too bulky and too heavy and are only appropriate for car camping.
  • While the many zippers provide for the engaging configurations, they are also annoying when one is trying to sleep. Alite alleviates this problem to an extent by including cushioned flaps of fabric over the zippers, and a little squirming around gets most zippers out of the way. I suppose this is the price one pays for the possibility of amorous sleeping bagged proximity.


The Alite Sexy Hotness sleeping bag is little more than a novelty and less than a piece of technical gear. If you and your special someone want to get close beneath the stars in a campground, and the air temperature is just right, I cannot imagine a better sleeping bag set-up. If you desire the same closeness in the backcountry, you should consider alternative sleeping arrangements.

Sexy Hotness Sleeping Bag Tech Specs

Manufacturer: Alite Designs

Date Available: Currently on the market

Manufacturer’s Website: Alite Designs

MSRP: US $149.00 each

Listed Weight: Medium – 3.45 lbs, Large – 3.85 lbs

Actual Weight: too bulky and heavy to take backpacking

Materials: Shell – poly taffeta, Fill – synthetic

Size/Model Tested: Large/Fuchsia

Colors Available: Gold (M/L), Fuchsia (L)


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