To me, both life and photography are about opportunities.
I wanted to explore and feel the American West by myself: crossing mountains, plains, deserts, and experiencing silence and night. This outdoor experience was an important part of my life, a journey where Space and Time stretched. I spent some weeks alone there, where Nature itself tells you that if you want to stay and enjoy, you’ll have to earn it. Wind, cold, long roads, raw landscapes, everything is in front of you for you to reconsider your place and your importance in this world.
This journey is about interpretation and spiritual growth.
These pictures tell my story of the West.


American West
Arriving at Mono Lake. Earlier that morning I was in Sacramento. Mountains and clouds seems to fight all the time here.


West photography
Exploring Mono Lake at night. I feel like I’m exploring a new planet. It’s like falling in love. The wind was powerful at Lee Vining.


West photography
Mono Lake. You can see Andromeda Galaxy at the top left pillar. This moment will remain in my memory as part of a new world exploration.


West photography
Snow falls lightly in North Carolina.


North Carolina.


First steps in Death Valley. This sky was particularly beautiful and powerful.


Death Valley.


Mountains in Death Valley in the mist. Always changing and saying something different.


Snow at the top of Death Valley mountains makes for some cold nights.


Up to Stovepipe Wells, Death Valley. Exploring a canyon.


Sand dunes, Death Valley. Probably one of the most precious moments I got to experience.


Coyote with funny face crossing the road and staring at me.


Badwater, Death Valley. This place is so quiet at night. My torch and my cellphone were both dead. I had no light with me to find my way here, so stars were my only companions.


Joshua Tree, California. Meditating. This place is odd.


Valley of Fire, Nevada. I couldn’t stop thinking about a face of a giant made of stone sleeping here and looking at the stars.

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