Let me start by saying that I am neither a culinary professional nor a knife connoisseur. I am, however, naturally curious and the fact that the AnySharp Pro claims to be the “best knife sharpener in world” definitely piqued my interest, so I figured I would put it to the test.

AnySharp Pro
The AnySharp Pro and a few of the knives I used

To say it exceeded my expectations is an understatement. There are a couple of features in particular that I found exemplary. First, the AnySharp Pro has the patented “PowerGrip,” which is essentially a suction cup that can be activated by flipping a small lever. This feature makes it so that the user never has to actually hold the sharpener, keeping fingers out of danger. It also allows you to stick the sharpener on a fridge or cabinet where it is out of the way and easy to access.

Second, its completely idiot proof, which is totally fine with me. In addition to the fact that you don’t actually have to hold it, the sharpener is set at a 20 degree angle so that you don’t need to kill yourself keeping the knife at a perfect angle to get a wonderfully sharp blade. This also effectively reduces the amount of pressure needed for a stroke. Just a few nonchalant draws through the sharpener is all you need.

AnySharp Pro
My previously dull Wusthof sliced through tomatoes flawlessly

Lastly, and best of all, the AnySharp Pro can be used on any blade, serrated or straight, with no adjustments needed. My roommate, who happens to be a culinary professional, was astounded by this. Whether it is a bread knife or a pocket knife, the tungsten carbide technology will sharpen any blade to perfection. This means that it works equally well on your cheapest knife as it does on your nicest knife, with no worries of damaging an expensive blade.

AnySharp Pro
Culinary Professional Kate Nicholl put the AnySharp Pro to the test.

In conclusion, although this is my first knife sharpener, I am certain it will also be my last.



-Power Grip
-Tungsten Carbide
-Polymer Protector
-Small and easily accessible
-Simple to use



-May be a bit pricey for a knife sharpener



Manufacturer: AnySharp
Date Available: Currently
MSRP: $48.02
Weight: .91 lbs

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