The Asolo Quadrant hiking shoe is a low top light hiker and summer walking shoe that has a remarkable amount of support and protection for a low top shoe. The shoe is not waterproof but it does breathe very well. On a recent three day backpacking trip I got my feet wet a few times, but within an hour or so my socks and feet were dry.

Asolo 3Pros

  • They breathe well yet keep a surprising amount of moisture out. The upper is water-resistant suede but these aren’t GoreTex shoes.
  • They offer surprising support for a low-top shoe. The shoe grips your foot tightly yet comfortably.
  • At 24 ounces for a pair of size 9.0 shoes, they aren’t going to win any ultralight awards. However, when you consider the support, protection, and durability they offer, these shoes are worth the extra few ounces.


  • The soles are not super grippy. In the shoes’ defense, my only other experience with low top shoes has been Five Ten approach shoes (which arguably have the stickiest rubber soles in the world).

Asolo 2Overall, this is a great shoe for day hiking or for a job where you are on your feet all day. Throw in a good pair of insoles and your feet will be on cloud nine. After countless miles backpacking in the High Sierra, Tenkara fishing, mountain biking, day hikes, and hours on my feet working in the local bike shop, the Quadrants have become my everyday all conditions shoe.

Manufacturer: Asolo
Date available: Currently Available
MSRP: $143.34
Listed Weight: 23.9 ounces
Actual Weight: 28 ounces
UPPER Water-resistant suede mm 1,6-1,8 + nylon mesh.
LINING Velveteen.
SOLE Asolo/Vibram Natural Shape (rubber-eva).

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