The Asolo Shiraz GV boot claims to be water-resistant. But storms, streams and damp undergrowth have taught me that waterproof usually just means waterproof-ish. And I end up drying my “waterproof”boots over a campfire or a Coleman stove (see Boot Drying Trick) But the Asolo Shiraz GV is the real deal.

Asolo Shiraz 2

To test the Shiraz’s water repellent tech, I stepped into my pool submerging them under 4.5 inches of water. After five minutes of zero dampness seeping in, I got bored, rolled up my socks and put them back in my sock drawer. The Shiraz is so waterproof is should come with a periscope.

It’s also flexible and sturdy. I recently rolled my ankle bad enough that my foot turned purple and I was stuck with crutches for two weeks. My doctor offered to fit me with a boot, but I was more comfortable and just as supported in my Shiraz GVs. So I ended up wearing them for a month while I healed.

Asolo Shiraz 3PROS

  • Waterproof. No, seriously. You’d have to fit a funnel behind the boot’s tongue to get any moisture in these.
  • Sturdy. Great ankle support.
  • Flexible. Easy to break in. Easy to move with.
  • Tough sole. The Shiraz GVs thwart jagged rocks and knotted roots like a Kevlar vest.
  • Comfortable. Haven’t had a blister yet.


  • Brand recognition. Asolo doesn’t have the marketing footprint that behemoths like Columbia or Merrell do, and they’re regularly (shamefully) left off special buyer’s guide issues of national magazines. While this doesn’t affect the quality of the boots, it does make reviews harder to find.
  • Sticker shock. At $295.00, it may seem like an overpriced boot. But after a few hikes, you’ll see they’re well worth it. I expect to have these around for years.


According to the lead singer of Spinal Tap, St. Hubbins is the Patron Saint of Quality Footwear. If so, he was certainly watching over the designers of the Asolo Shiraz GV men’s boot. Make a list of what you look for in a pair backpacking boots – flexibility, breathability, durability, any other ability you can think of – and the Shiraz GV will tick them off one by one.


Shiraz is an Iranian city known for its poetry, wine, and gardens. If I ever get to hike there, I’m bringing my Asolos.


Manufacturer: Asolo
Date Available: Now
MSRP: $295.00
Weight: 24.3 oz
Materials: Upper fabric is Shoeller K Tech with water repellent Suede. Waterproof lining is Gore-Tex. Sole is made in collaboration with Vibram with anti-shock polyurethane.
Colors: Black/Nicotine


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