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Outdoor Photography – How to Capture the Milky Way

Outdoor Photography – How to Capture the Milky Way

My favorite months to capture outdoor photography images of the Milky Way are August and September. The core of our galaxy is visible before the[Read More…]

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Best Camping Spots in Washington

In Washington, great places to camp are nearly endless. But it’s summertime, which means you’re going to want to make the most of every weekend.[Read More…]

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Upper Lyman Lake

Where to Hike in 2015: Pasayten, Glacier Peak and Goat Rocks Wilderness

Have you completely filled in your hiking schedule for the summer? Hopefully there is still some room to add a few more hikes, because these[Read More…]

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Where to Hike in 2015: North Cascades

This year’s warm start has me already thinking about backcountry trips. From the way it looks now, we may be heading for a wonderfully long[Read More…]

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Spider Meadows

Backcountry Photo Essentials: Wide-Angle Lens

It’s a chore to carry a full-frame DSLR on a long backpacking trip. I have one standard lens, a 24-105mm lens, which I have been[Read More…]

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Liberty Bell from the Washington Pass Overlook

Shooting the Milky Way

One of the biggest challenges in getting good shots of the Milky Way is simply getting far enough away from the ambient light of “civilization.” Once[Read More…]

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Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever

Cabin fever has a hold of me. Come March I am in the throes of agony. Four months of gray, dark, cold and rain has[Read More…]

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Salmon Encounters

Salmon Encounters

Capturing images of wildlife is not as easy to predict. Bear, goats, deer and marmots are all doin’ their own thing. One never knows when you’ll cross paths, so I simply hope for a magical moment and that my camera will be ready!

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Goat Rocks Wilderness – Summer Planning

Goat Rocks Wilderness – Summer Planning

Last July, I was entranced by the Goat Rocks Wilderness. Located in the southern Cascades of Washington State, between Mount Rainier and Mount Adams, the Goat Rocks boasts post-card views of both peaks and yes, more than a few wildflowers!

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Arches National Park

Arches National Park

It’s hard to know where to start when describing Arches National Park. I spent a week there and wish it had been a month.

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