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Airborne beavers of Idaho parachute into the backcountry to start a new life.  Source:

Geronimo – Parachuting Beavers of Idaho

You may have heard of flying squirrels or even leaping lemurs, but parachuting beavers? New video footage from Idaho’s Department of Fish and Game shows[Read More…]

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The 4,500km Great Himalayan Trail is the adventure of a lifetime, if you are physically and mentally ready to pay the price to trek the highest trail on earth. Source:

The Highest Trail on Earth

Robin Boustead is mapping the Great Himalayan Trail that spans roughly 4,500km through the mountainous regions of Bhutan, Nepal, India, Pakistan, and Tibet. The trial[Read More…]

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Appalachian Trail Speed Record Falls in just 54 days to Seattle native Heather Anderson. Source:

Appalachian Trail Speed Record Falls to Seattle-Area Woman

Endurance trekking speed records have been falling on America’s iconic trails for the past year. It started last summer when Seattle native Joe McConaughy set[Read More…]

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Beards Hollow was a Washington State Parks acquisition made possible with a grant of $397,750 from Land and Water Conservation Fund.  Source:

National Park Funding on the Chopping Block – Washington Parks Could Suffer

September is a critical month for continued federal funding for local, state, and federal parks throughout the country and the Pacific Northwest. This month the[Read More…]

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Search and rescue members prepare to extract a body of one of the seven canyoneers killed during a flash flood on Monday.  Source:

Zion National Park Flood – Seven Die in Tragic Accident

A freak flash flood Monday at Keyhole Canon in Zion National Park resulted in the deaths of seven canyoneers. Today park officials released details on[Read More…]

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Scott Jurek Fined for excessive celebration on Maine’s Mount Katahdin after setting the record for the fastest supported thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail.  Source:

Scott Jurek Fined for Appalachian Trail Party Foul

In our overly litigious society where just about anything can and will be prosecuted, endurance running legend Scott Jurek, 41, accepted a plea deal and[Read More…]

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The 5,300-year-old Tyrolean iceman was found in melting ice in the Alps in 1991. Source:

Melting Ice Reveals Lost Climbers

One side effect of the recent warming trend is that melting glacial ice is starting to reveal the bodies of climbers that have been lost[Read More…]

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The Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail spans three National Parks, seven National Forests, and three mountain ranges on its way from the Continental Divide to the Pacific Ocean. Source:

Nonstop Hike from Montana to the Pacific Ocean Coming Soon

Lace up your hiking boots and grab your backpack, the 1,200 mile Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail from Glacier National Park to the Washington Coast[Read More…]

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Pregnant caribou airlifted away from hungry wolves in B.C.  Source:

Pregnant Caribou Airlifted Away From Hungry Wolves in BC

First Nation peoples and researchers seek to protect pregnant caribou from wolves in British Columbia, Canada. The program, now in its second year, sedates pregnant[Read More…]

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A selfie taken with an American President is called a POTUS-elfie.  Source:

Obama Will Appear with Bear Grylls on Adventure Show

As if leading the free world and surviving two elections was not enough, the White House announced this week that President Obama will appear with[Read More…]

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