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The Art of Traveling

The Art of Traveling

Mastering the art and skill of traveling is not accomplished through practice or any talent you may have.  No school will give you a bachelor’s[Read More…]

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Mt. Hood View through the front door
Photo Credit: Mauri Fabio

Flag Point Lookout

Sometimes you have to disconnect to reconnect, and what better to get away from society than staying at a forest fire outlook.  With various locations[Read More…]

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Backcountry Camping At Crater Lake National Park
Photo Credit: Mauri Fabio

Hiking and Camping Crater Lake National Park

Hikes along the rim of Crater Lake National Park in Oregon are filled with many alluring beauties.  Once you trek far enough to get away[Read More…]

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There is no place she fears to venture to and no experience she intends to leave out.

Date a Girl Who Travels

Date a girl who travels. Her true beauty shines only because she knows the true beauty within her.  She is not strapped down by materialistic[Read More…]

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Flag Point Lookout

Calling a Forest Fire Tower Home

Oregon has a lot of beautiful back country for hikers and adventurers alike to enjoy and experience.  There are numerous trails, camping sites and breath-taking[Read More…]

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