The pocket knife is not just a tool for backpackers and outdoorsman but something far more innate. From that first exhilarating moment we hold our own pocket knife to the way we absentmindedly swipe it off the dresser before leaving for work, the pocket knife can be as routine an item as wallets and keys and perhaps just as essential to our day-to-day.

The ultralight 27 grams G-Series Baladeo pocket knife has been my go-to knife for several months now and, like a good pocket knife should be, it is simple, solid, and sharp. The knife is constructed of 420 stainless steel with the addition of a super durable, translucent polycarbonate handle slab for a more comfortable grip, and relies on the liner lock locking system, which is reassuringly secure and in little danger of failing over time. The knife’s simple design is key. Whether whittling a marshmallow roasting stick, opening boxes, or cutting meat and vegetables for a breakfast scramble over your camping stove the blade performs.

My only critique of this knife is personal in nature. For one, I have always preferred a blade with teeth. A partially micro-dented blade for easily cutting cord and other materials seems the more versatile choice. Second, the polycarbonate handle seems like more of an aesthetic afterthought than a functional addition and the handle wasn’t noticeably less comfortable after removing it. I removed the red handle slab when after a month or so I found myself tightening it down and decided instead to do away with the issue altogether.



  • Ultralight
  • The blade cuts fruit and vegetables surprisingly well
  • Maintains a sharp edge even after some run-ins with cardboard and sharpens up like new
  • The liner lock is super solid. The locking systems on some knives I’ve owned gave out with time and became dangerous


  • The polycarbonate handle slab becomes loose with heavy use
  • It takes awhile to master opening the knife with one hand. At first I was actually a little disappointed with how hard a time I was having opening the knife. Then my wife told me to ” stop being such a nancy.” She was right. With some finesse and practice it’s a quick and painless one handed process.
  • Not ideal for cutting stronger materials such as cord

But like I said, this is all personal preference and it turns out Baladeo makes the knife to address my grievances: no handle slab with a partially micro-dented blade only slightly heavier at 34 grams and in a nice, black titanium coating. It all comes down to what you’re looking for in a pocket knife and I think this one is a handy tool and would definitely be a great first knife for your kid or an ultralight option for anyone actively pursuing high alpine adventures where such minimal weight saving actually matters. Baladeo’s G-Series ultralight knives are versatile and high quality and I’ll definitely consider them for my next pocket knife.


Manufacturer: Baladeo

Date available: Currently available

Manufacturer’s Website:

Product Dimensions: (LxWxH) : 9 x 2 x 1 cm

Listed Weight: 27 grams

Materials: 420 stainless steel, translucent polycarbonate handle

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