Berghaus VapourLight Hyper Smock 2

The World’s lightest waterproof jacket and 2014/2015 ISPO Award Winner. This bold, yet true statement made by Berghaus completely changed my conception of what it meant for a waterproof jacket to be lightweight. I was somewhat dubious when I first received this jacket, feeling how light the fabric was and wondering how it could possibly offer enough resistance to the elements. This marvelous, patented Hypershell fabric is both completely waterproof and extremely breathable.

Living in Seattle, I was able to test the Berghaus VapourLight Hyper Smock 2 rather quickly, with the normal, ongoing, drizzly rain I experience on my morning runs. At roughly three ounces, this jacket offers all of the protection of a waterproof jacket and lives up to its expectations. It also has rock star performance out in the backcountry and passed my test on a 9 mile out-and-back rainy hike with strong winds in the mountains, proving it to be remarkably windproof as well.

As a minimalist trail runner and hiker, my issue with most waterproof jackets didn’t apply to the VapourLight Hyper Smock – Berghaus VapourLight Hyper Smock 2I barely felt it there, even after running an hour in the rain. Not once did I feel uncomfortable, get overheated, or feel that it wasn’t breathing as well as I wanted it to. Berghaus does a tremendous job working with their athletes to drive improvements. Every aspect of the design is considered and has everything I needed – from a close fitting hood with a binding opening and tab down feature when not in use, brilliant elasticated binding on the cuffs and hem, and a practical, small chest pocket that comes in handy for essentials. It feels like your own skin, as it’s so minimal that you hardly notice it’s there. My favorite feature that makes this product incredibly unique is the minimalist design that literally packs down to the size of a small avocado!

Bottom Line:

This jacket is a must-have for everything from backpacking to running, as there is always a need for a lightweight shell that can protect you from the elements. No matter what activities you plan on engaging in, the Berghaus VapourLight Hyper Smock 2 is a steal for just $150.

Tech Specs:

Style Tested: Berghaus VapourLight Hyper Smock 2.0

Size Tested: xs

Sizes Available: xs-xl

Colors Available: Flame Scarlet/Big Orange and Dark Cerise/Hot Raspberry

Center Back Length: 27.5”

Recommended Use: Hiking, Trail Running, or Active Pursuits

Warranty: Limited Lifetime

Type: Ultra-Lightweight Waterproof/Breathable Jacket

Shell Material: 100% polyamide w/ urethane coating

Number of Pockets: 1

Item Weight: Approximately 67g


Berghaus VapourLight Hyper Smock 2













  • Extremely lightweight
  • Feels like your own skin
  • Extremely breathable
  • Windproof
  • Practical


  • Feature-wise is limited, since it is an ultra-lightweight jacket

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