If you’re looking for an everyday light utility boot, look no further than Bogs. Bogs transforms the old and overdone rain boot, taking the Seattle staple to a new level. For those who are tired of the stiff and standard rubber rain boots, Bogs offers an innovational alternative waterproof boot made completely from treated nylon fabric, insulated to provide warmth in chilly conditions. Winter backpackers can enjoy the compact convenience of these insulated boots, while those looking for a cute fashion statement will be delighted by the boots’ chic silhouette.

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When I first saw the boots I was fairly certain that my feet were going to get wet the moment I stepped in the water. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the treated nylon kept my feet dry when I stepped into the chilly Puget Sound, while insulation kept them warm. Unlike most ‘waterproof’ fabrics, the Bogs boots didn’t slowly saturate over an extended period of time. Five minutes in the water, and a two-hour walk later, my feet were still dry.


The flexible fabric makes the Bogs easy to roll up and stow, making them a great camp shoe for overnight winter trips, or as an easily packable footwear alternative. Unfortunately, while the flexible fabric is the boots’ most unique feature, it is also (in my opinion) one of its largest drawbacks. I found that the shoes were uncomfortable for long walks, because the fabric offered no ankle support. As I walked, the outsole had a tendency to slide around, making it necessary to frequently stop and adjust the boots. While the Bogs all-nylon boot is a great tool for around-the-town and light in-the-yard activities, I found them unsuitable for trail usage. After a matter of weeks I managed to tear the stitching at the ankle, making the boots’ waterproofing obsolete. Those looking for a more rugged (but less compact) boot can turn to the Bogs Classic boot, which combines the traditional rubber foot-bed with a waterproof nylon.

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  • Innovative waterproof nylon fabric technology.
  • Great traction on slippery surfaces. Thick and durable tread made the walk soft and comfortable.
  • The boots’ signature handles made the boots easy to carry and put on.
  • Heavy insulation keeps feet comfortable in snow and water.
  • Flexible fabric makes these boots great for on-the-go and easy storage.


  • Flexible fabric, offers no ankle support, allows the boots’ soles to move with every step.
  • Not suitable for long walks.
  • Stitching isn’t tough enough to withstand trail usage.

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Tech Specs

Manufacturer: Bogs

Date available: August 2013

Manufacturer’s Website:www.bogsfootwear.com

MSRP: $100.00

Listed Weight: 1lb 8oz

Actual Weight: 2lb 6oz (pair of size 10.5)

Materials: Neo-Tech a Bog’s signature neoprene material

Warranty info: 100% guaranteed by Bogs

Colors Available: Grey, Black & RED

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