woman’s outdoor guideA WOMAN’S GUIDE TO THE WILD
Your Complete Outdoor Handbook
By Ruby McConnel and Illustrated by Teresa Grasseschi
287 pp. Available through Sasquatch Books or Amazon for $18.95

As the outdoors increasingly becomes a mystery to our screen bound society, Ruby McConnel writes a practical guide to all the secrets of the wild that beginners need to know.  This woman’s outdoor guide is humorous, conversational, and packed with vital outdoor skills and tips.  Reading it is like having a lively chat with your best friend at your favorite coffee shop.  Everything from how to start a fire, to how to handle hygiene on the trail, Ruby covers it all with humor and humility.

For many, the lack of basic outdoor knowledge is a barrier to enjoying extended forays into the wild.  Often, budding outdoors enthusiast feel self-conscious about asking questions. Questions like, “what do I take and how do I pack my backpack,” can seem basic, causing the budding outdoors enthusiast to feel self-conscious about asking questions.  In her woman’s outdoor guide, Ruby provides the answers and context to help the novice outdoors woman feel confident going gear shopping and hitting the trail.

Besides her own expert knowledge, Ruby also includes sage advice from other women with professional outdoor knowledge.  Learn weather tips from an experienced Forest Service biologist.  Find out helpful hints about packing for extended trips from an Appalachian Trail trekking expert.  These sections help make the book feel approachable and collaborative.  You are not getting a book by an authoritative expert telling you how you have to do it; this book is a conversation among friends talking about different ways to enjoy the outdoors.

In addition to wonderful advice, the book is beautifully illustrated by Teresa Grasseschi.  Teresa’s technical drawings help Ruby tell the story of the outdoors and the stylized accents on each page set the outdoor atmosphere.  You can almost smell the pine and hear the crackle of the campfire through Teresa’s amazing drawings.

Simply put, this is the perfect woman’s outdoor guide with beautiful illustrations.  Highly recommend for beginning and novice outdoors women or as a gift for a woman interested in exploring the wild.  Read more from Ruby at RubyMcConnell.com

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