Borelli Active ScarfThe action scarf may not get the respect it’s due in the outdoor apparel world, but the Borelli Active Scarf is about to change that. I have been an action scarf fan for many years and have tried versions of the product all over the world from many different makers. The Borelli Active Scarf is an evolution from this tried and true travel companion. Borelli uses drirelease performance fabric that dries 4x faster than cotton and helps to regulate body temperature in both hot and cold weather. The fabric is soft and won’t chafe under a backpack or camera strap. Another benefit (for you and your travel partner) of the Borelli design is that the scarf is treated with Fresh Guard to control odor in the toughest of conditions.

To get another opinion of the Borelli scarf, I asked professional trek trainer Sheri Goodwin of Transformational Journeys to test it out on a recent client training hike up Tiger Mountain. Sheri liked the stylish versatility of the scarf and how it kept her warm and dry on the fickle, drizzling, chilly Northwest morning. Sheri said, “If I had this scarf on my recent trip to Kilimanjaro, I would have stayed on the summit longer.”

Borelli Active Scarf

Professional trek trainer Sheri Goodwin found the scarf functional and stylish while training on Tiger Mountain (Photo by dutch).

To get a sense of how the Borelli Active Scarf worked in more extreme conditions, I took the scarf with me into the North Cascades looking for late season snow. First, let me say that the scarf is large, 29″ x 72″ which gives the user many options on how to use the garment. Versatility is the hallmark of the Borelli Active Scarf; it can be a balaclava, buff, dome beanie, camp towel, ground cloth or just a great looking scarf. The garment also shields the skin with SPF 20 protection, making it ideal gear from the summit to the sea and everywhere in between.

Borelli Active ScarfThe versatility of the Borelli Active Scarf is beyond compare. Here, I have it in a Lawrence-of-Arabia-style wrap that I have used from alpine summits to high desert plateaus. The “tail” of the wrap could easily go around my neck or face for additional warmth or protection from the elements (Photo by Brent Winant).

To test the scarf’s active lifestyle functionality, I wore it skate skiing. Skate skiing is a highly aerobic sport where it is easy to get overheated. I found the scarf’s thermal qualities excellent as I hiked to the ski trail in the early morning chill. As the day got warmer and my exercise level increased, the scarf adjusted to my exertion level and body temperature. When I got warm, I could drape it around my neck or stow it in a pocket, but when I stopped and the chill caught up with me, the Borelli scarf was ready to go back to work keeping me warm and comfortable.

Bottom Line:

The bottom line with the Borelli Active Scarf is that, if you’re a scarf person and know how to use one in all the different functional configurations, then this scarf is for you. If you’re not a scarf person… give the Borelli a try, you’ll become one.

The Borelli Active Scarf performed well during high exertion activities in the rugged North Cascades (Photo by Brent Winant).

Tech Specs:

Maker: Borelli Design

Model: Active Scarf

Material: Drirelease performance fabric with Fresh Guard

Price: $38.00


Borelli Active Scarf









  • Versatility
  • Material (drirelease performance fabric, Fresh Guard, SPF 20)
  • Thermal regulating qualities


  • The large size is not for everyone
  • Manufacturer lists weight as 1 lbs, a little heavy for some uses

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