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See if this sounds familiar: It’s wintertime. The alarm has already sounded and been silenced. Kneading your eyelids open while trying to adjust your senses to focus on a harsh, low wintry morning light, motivation loses out (yet again) to the warm dark security of…your bed.

Alas, c2 is here to help drive you up and out of that bed, heeding the call of your active lifestyle, allowing you to face the cold with great confidence and less bulk traditionally offered in the world of winter performance wear.

Originally developed as mountain-bike-specific for frigid conditions, c2 founded their designs upon a simple conclusion: being comfortable and performing at one’s best in freezing temperatures should not be encumbered by heavy, stagnant clothing. Joining with Massachusetts-based powerhouse  Polartec®, c2 has continued to manufacture in the USA by providing a hybrid of Polartec’s Power Stretch® and Powerwool® stalwarts. These technologies have allowed c2 to create a broad line of performance outerwear utilizing thinner, softer fabrics (properties typically associated with base layers) which are abrasion resistant, protected with a waterproof membrane, all while maintaining superior moisture management.

Today we’re introducing c2’s Extreme Tights and Elite Half Zip, respectively. These items could be used separately or coupled and enjoyed during activities such as mountain biking, trail running, nordic skiing, snowshoeing, and essentially anything in-between (for all you snow cave aficionados out there)

Extreme Tights

Two fabrics in the Polartec® Power Stretch® line adjoined together

Top section is dual velour

Bottom ankle is Hardface® coated for additional abrasion resistance

Ankle cuffs attract less snow

Inside fibers pull moisture away from skin and create a space for air insulation

Short ankle zipper makes them removable over shoes or boots

Fabrics create a snug feeling and stay in place easily when the fit is correct

Normal tights are held up by drawstring or bib suspenders

Elite Half Zip (men and women) Polartec® Powerwool®

Designed to be a multi-activity and comfortable next-to-skin warming layer

Comfortable thin zipper at neck snugs in the warmth without irritating the skin under a jacket, jersey, or sweater

Merino wool is inherently resilient due to a cortex of intricate filaments that give the fiber its soft crimp. These synthetic fibers further enhance the overall tensile stability and resistance to abrasive surfaces.

Polartec® Power Wool™ is a design breakthrough: by isolating a merino wool interior and a synthetic fiber exterior, c2 developed a hybrid fabric with distinct surface features to optimize wicking, breathability, odor resistance, and durability.

Many wool sensitive customers attest this does not feel like any wool they have ever worn. The combination of washing to remove natural bacteria and milling into a soft fiber shape give the merino wool inner layer it’s extremely soft feeling.


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