Coldwater Lake

Coldwater Lake

The shimmering waters of the Fjord ripple below ragged, tundra-clad peaks, its waters lined by the stunted forest of the high arctic. The lonely cry[Read More…]

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Norway’s Vidden Trail

Norway’s Vidden Trail

The town of Bergen, Norway often attracts visitors for its spectacular architecture, history and shopping. While the tourists remain in the city center, those looking[Read More…]

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A Trip Down the Billy Goat Trail

A Trip Down the Billy Goat Trail

It was a beautiful, autumn day. From my vantage point atop the cliff – alongside the stunning views – I could see  kayakers zipping through rushing[Read More…]

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Photo by Ted & Dani Percival

Salt Lake City’s Shoreline Trail

With the Wasatch Mountains looming just to the east of Salt Lake City, the hiking, biking and backpacking options are endless. For those who don’t have[Read More…]

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New Zealand on Foot: 1800 Miles on the Te Araroa Trail

New Zealand on Foot: 1800 Miles on the Te Araroa Trail

In the movies, the protagonist must always face a “call to action,” and invariably, turn it down at least once. When Gandalf came knocking on[Read More…]

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Ice pans on Georgian Bay. Photo by Jim Baird

Exploring Bruce Peninsula National Park

We stand on top of a weather worn limestone cliff, peering past thousand-year-old cedar trees to lay our eyes on an oceanic vista of crystal[Read More…]

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Half Dome

Half Dome

Yosemite is home to some of the best hiking and climbing in the United States. While there are many options, Half Dome stands out as[Read More…]

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Curious and cautious, Mountain Goats are a fixture in the Enchantments, picture courtesy of Shauna McDaniel

The Magic of the Enchantments: Not Created by Giants and Gnomes, Says Local Geologist

Much has been written about the wild and rugged wilderness area known as the Enchantments west of Leavenworth, but words have a hard time capturing[Read More…]

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Autumn at Piney Lake - Colorado

5 Favorite Colorado Wilderness Lakes

There are an incredible number of natural lakes to explore in Colorado’s designated wilderness areas. Organized by ease of access, here are five of my[Read More…]

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Bryce Canyon: A Diamond Among Diamonds

Bryce Canyon: A Diamond Among Diamonds

Labor Day Weekend had finally arrived and my trusty camping-companion, Alex, and I made grand plans to take a five-day camping trip to Zion National[Read More…]

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