Chums Storm Series Downriver Bag
Photo by Jessie Keller

When you’re rafting, kayaking, SUPing or scrambling around waterfalls, you need a place to keep your camera, keys and backcountry permit. The Chums Storm Series Downriver bag is a waterproof satchel designed to keep everything from your iPhone to your spare t-shirt dry.

There are two compartments. The smaller front pocket is closed with a zipper, and there are five small drainage holes to keep water from collecting. (This is not the pocket you want to keep your smartphone in.) The main pouch is larger and has a roll-top closure that is secured with two side-release buckles to keep it from unrolling. A quick adjust strap lets you wear it over the shoulder or as a fanny pack.

Chums Storm Series Downriver Bag
Photo by Jessie Keller

I used the Storm Series Downriver bag while SUPing – it kept everything in the main compartment dry, and the secondary compartment drained adequately. It’s lightweight and can easily be stuffed into a suitcase or backpack, making it an easy choice for any future river runs. And it also means I’ll end up holding the keys and smart phones of everyone else in my group.


Tech Specs:
MSRP: $59.99
Product Availability: Available Now
Dimensions: 7.5” x 10” x 2.25

Chums Storm Series Downriver Bag











  • Waterproof main pocket
  • Versatility as shoulder bag or fanny pack
  • Drainage holes for secondary pocket


  • Need both hands to unbuckle and unroll main compartment – only an issue when you’re holding a paddle

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