Clif Shot Bloks

The Clif Bar Company was launched in 1992 with the intention of providing a long needed energy bar for sale on the retail market. Their company has 5 fundamental goals: Sustaining Business, Brands, People, Community and the Planet. To this end, they have developed many products that are high quality and made from mostly organic foods for the active community of consumers they market to.

One of their products is the Clif Shot Bloks Energy Chews. This product line is designed for quick, easy consumption for hikers, bicyclists, climbers or anyone else who wants a quick shot of energy without preparation or mess. Each package comes with 3 bloks, each with roughly 33 calories. The company strongly recommends you drink ample water after consuming this product. This shouldn’t be an issue for anyone hiking, climbing, biking or participating in any other active recreational interest during which regular hydration is required.

The bars come in several great flavors including Cran-razz, orange, citrus, black cherry, tropical punch, mountain berry, strawberry and margarita. Some even come with other side benefits such as Cramp Buster (Margarita flavor), which comes with extra salt, electrolytes and carbs. Others come with added caffeine if you need an extra boost along the way. Other flavors just contain the standard energy boost if you’re not interested in caffeine or sodium.

Beyond the normal product tests I preform, I tested these bloks under very different and unusual circumstances to see if the color, texture or flavor changed. I took them out into the Arizona desert in 90+ degree temperatures, used them along wet and rainy Northwest trails, and even froze them to see how they responded. After these tests, my conclusions were that they did not melt to goo in high temps in the desert, they quickly returned to their original texture after freezing and didn’t get slimy in the rain. I was impressed that they held up so well under these conditions. I believe they will perform well on just about any active adventure you may encounter.

Clif Shot Bloks
Photo by Southbayriders

Like most Clif products, they aren’t what you would call ultralight. Each pack is 2.1 ounces, which is about 50 calories per ounce. The price of the bloks is roughly $1.78 – $2.00 each, or $1.00/100 calories.

For some people, food is merely energy or fuel –  I am not one of those people. Taste and texture are important to me. I expect to actually enjoy all the foods I consume. For these bloks, I would have to give a fairly high rating for both flavor and texture. I like the sort of gooey yet chewy texture of them. The flavor I like best is Black Cherry, although I wouldn’t choose this one for the later afternoon as it has the most caffeine of all the bloks. I occasionally have issues with cramping, so I use the Margarita flavor on long strenuous adventures where cramping might become a problem.


Bottom Line:

Overall, I would recommend this product to anyone who wants a quick, easy snack that requires no preparation. It comes in an easy open package so you don’t need to fumble around with it just to get at the food. I like the variety of flavors as well as the texture. If you only want a portion of it at a time, the remainder stays in the package and won’t leak out or spill or get contaminated with debris if you simply fold over the open end and put it back in a pocket. It doesn’t melt in heat or get too hard to eat at or below freezing. It won’t melt even at fairly high temperatures, so it’s pretty much a go-anywhere product.

Tech Specs:

Portion: Three 33 calorie bloks per package

Weight: 2.1 ounces

Flavors: Black cherry, citrus, Cran-Razz, margarita, mountain berry, orange, strawberry, and tropical punch

Calories per pack: 100 calories

Clif Shot Bloks - Energy Chews











  • Tasty flavors
  • Large variety
  • Price/calories
  • Works in any environment


  • Sort of heavy

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