Since the time that I was 8 years old and went on my first backpacking trip, I never took a pillow camping. I typically just stuffed an empty sack with extra clothes or a jacket and used that as a pillow. However, after testing the Cocoon UltraLight AirCore Pillow , I will never go back to a stuff sack pillow. Here is why:


  • The Cocoon is very comfortable to sleep on. The fleece feels incredibly soft and it is the perfect height, putting no strain on my neck.
  • The pillow is easy to inflate – just three deep breaths and it is the perfect firmness.
  • It is small and compact when stuffed, but when inflated never felt like I was going to roll off of it in my sleep. When stuffed the pillow is about as big as my fist. Just toss it in your sleeping bag stuff sack before compressing and you will not even notice it is there.
  • The pillow never deflated during the night. It stayed as firm and comfy as it was when I first went to sleep.

Cocoon 2 copy


  • The bottom of the pillow is a slippery nylon material. This can causes the pillow to slip out from under your head, especially when bivouacking in areas that are not perfectly flat.

Manufacturer: Cocoon

Manufacturer’s Website:

Date available: Currently Available

MSRP: $25.00

Listed Weight: 3.5oz

Materials: Nylon with synthetic fill

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