Date a girl who travels. Her true beauty shines only because she knows the true beauty within her.  She is not strapped down by materialistic things.  Less has always been more to her.  Her daily makeup consist of curious eyes and a contagious smile; the only makeup needed for a traveler.  Her nails are most likely chipped or broken, finding it nearly impossible to keep the dirt out from under them.  But in reality she doesn’t care too much about how her nails look and she accepts that with how active she is they are bound to stay dirty.  She would rather have a backpack over her shoulders than a purse that matches her shoes.  She is a master at packing light, not worried about wearing the same clothes two days in a row.  The occasional stains that mark her clothes are worn like badges of honor, a story until they are finally washed.

Date a Girl Who Travels
There is no place she fears to venture and no experience she intends to leave out.

She’s the one with a constant smile on her face and always talks about her next adventures to come.  Some would say she is a daydreamer, but she would disagree.  Because how can one be a daydreamer when you live your dreams daily?  There is no place she fears to venture and no experience she intends to leave out.  She embraces the good in everything, even when things go wrong.

She is ruled by the Sun and Moon.  Sleep is hard to come by when her mind is constantly racing with all she has encountered and will encounter.  She struggles with an addiction to top the day before and in a way… she always succeeds.  She doesn’t believe in sunglasses, they tend to mask the real beauty of the landscape.  And when night falls, a headlamp is always in reach; just because the sun sets doesn’t mean her adventures needs to end.

Date a girl who travels.  She’s the one that will help you see who you really are. She only wants the true you. She doesn’t have time for the fake and only wants what is real.  She notices the small things, the “Thank yous,” the “I love yous,” and the “I’ll miss yous.”  Though she is always on the go, she is grounded.  Her home is wherever her family is and her love is for anyone that won’t take advantage of it.

She has respect for all, something acquired during her travels.  The only thing she will judge are ticket prices and how many ways she can stretch a dollar.  She has an open mind and never fears the unknown. She takes pride in the fact she has made so many friendships all around the world.  She has seen first-hand the meaning of life is short with malnourished kids in third world countries, but has also seen the longevity of life at other destinations.  She grows as a person with every trip taken because she travels with an open mind, but more importantly because she travels with an open heart.

Date a girl who travels.  She is easy to please.  Expensive dinners and lavish gifts mean little.  Give her your time, share your dreams… she will always listen.  Let her teach you all she knows and teach her all you know.  Keep her interest with something other than what is trending in the media, because she could care less about Justin Bieber or any other celebrity’s drama… in fact, just have no drama at all.  She seeks memories, experiences, adventures, laughter and love in the world… and what she seeks in you.

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