Jetty Sack

When you pack for your paddle adventure, it’s important to keep your precious things dry, including clothing, gear and essentials. You can never predict when things might get wet. Dry bags are essential tools on any paddle excursion whether it’s a long or short trip.

My dry bags get used primarily on canoeing adventures in the Seattle area and in the backcountry rather than during canyoneering, ocean racing, etc. Jetty SackI’ve used roll-top closures for a long time, and they have proven to be really durable for my needs. I had the opportunity to review the Drilite™ Jetty Sack from Seattle Sports (both 4L and 10L) and, overall, was very pleased. I tested these versatile, lightweight 3-top closure packs on a few trips and put them through the ringer to see how they handled splashing, rain and submersion. As a result, I found that they were extremely water resistant in the wettest conditions, keeping my things dry. For frequent splashing, waves from the wake of other boats, and Seattle showers, the Drilite™ Jetty Sacks perform very well. However, I recommend adding another layer of waterproof protection for electronic devices, in the event that the canoe tips over. I would not classify these at waterproof as the “roll-over” closure (not 100% water-tight) and lightweight nylon material did allow some water inside when submerged for a long time into the lake. If 100% water-tight, waterproof is your goal, you will need to look into other options.

These dry sacks are proudly made in the USA and are covered by a 12 month limited warranty. The two size options (4L and 10L) and two colors options (orange and blue) made things nice and simple for packing and organization. I used the 4L sack for packing the essentials (Duct Tape, hand towels, first aid kit, super glue, multi-tool, cell phone, energy bars, water, emergency blanket, mirror, whistle, matches/lighter, car keys and money) and the 10L for extra clothing and gear. Bonus: The roll top closure once fastened forms a convenient carry handle.

Jetty Sack

Bottom Line:

For the price, these are versatile lightweight nylon dry bags that perform well, keeping your things dry; however, if you are looking for 100% waterproof protection, they are not as effective as heavier, stiffer, more expensive materials.

Tech Specs:

Date Available: Available now

MRSP: 4L – $17.95 & 10L – $23.95

Weight: 4L – 3oz & 10L – 5.8oz


210D PU coated rip-stop nylon

RF welded seams

Flat seam construction


Drilite™ Jetty Sack








Water Protection



  • Incredibly lightweight and versatile
  • Practical sizes with color options for simple organization
  • Water resistant in wet conditions, keeping your things dry


  • Not 100% waterproof when submerged for long periods of time

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