This nifty cast iron stove from EcoZoom is called the Dura Rocket.  The compact and durable Dura Rocket might become the ideal addition to your next base camp adventure, or simply a new way to experience cooking in your own back yard.

EcoZoom Dura Rocket
The versatile EcoZoom Dura Rocket is a great addition to any base camp.

Utilizing biomass fueled heat (dead tree branches/ yard clippings/ wood chips) the Dura combines an abrasion-resistant and… wait for it…durable 10 cm ceramic combustion chamber, which allows for internal mixture of gas and flame, thus decreasing harmful emissions for eco-friendly and energy-efficient cooking.

The ceramic combustion chamber’s interior is reinforced with a protective refractory metal liner, which increases combustion efficiency as well as the overall life of the stove. The Dura Rocket comes complete with installation sockets for a “stick support”, allowing the user to feed oblong items into the chamber as they burn down, as well as a reinforced metal door frame for increased convection.


EcoZoom Dura Rocket
Small, but packed with features, the EcoZoom Dura Rocket is a base camp workhorse.

The Dura Rocket is completed with a three-pronged chip-resistant cast iron top, which is sturdy and stable enough to handle a superfluity of pots and pans. Also, should there be any need for movement whilst the stove is burning or still warm, the stove is equipped with strong stainless steel silicone-gripped handles.

EcoZoom Dura Rocket EcoZoom Dura Rocket

The EcoZoom stands at a little over 11″ tall, and just under 11 inches in diameter; it weighs 13lbs and can be purchased at EarthEasy for 99.95. You may also consider coupling this carrier bag, for greater ease of transport.

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