Today is my last day serving as Editor and Content Director for SBM and I felt it fitting to let the SBM readers know, since you have been such a great source of enthusiasm, energy and support over the last three and a half years. In that time, we went from an idea and a bare URL to a team of over 100 contributors, several staff and a signifigant readership every month. I am amazed at what it’s become. Thank you for making my days exciting and fun, and for travelling this trail with us. I love that I have been climbing mountains, reading fireside stories and sleeping in tents as my work during this time. What a beautiful, fun challenge!

SBM is what it is today due in large part to the quality authors and photographers who give their time, knowledge and talents. I am honored to have worked with each of them and learned from them in a friendly, vivacious symbiosis. I’m proud to have provided a platform for so many grateful writers. I’ll miss working on this endeavor with all of them, but it is time for me to move on.

I wish SBM well as it continues down the path it is on. Cameron will oversee the magazine function for now. As for me, I’ll definitely still be out exploring the wild places around here, and still have my trusty backpack camera and journal along. Hopefully I’ll see you out there on a hike some time soon.

Happy trails,


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