Examsnap Reviews Microsoft Certification Program: What Should You Know?

Microsoft is a leading certification provider in the IT industry. Although the company is popular
for its Office software and Windows Operating System, there are other products and services
offered by this organization. To equip the professionals with the knowledge to work optimally
with its products, Microsoft designeda certification program to validate the skills of these
specialists. Let’s explore the different credentials available under the Microsoft Certification

Overview of Microsoft Certification Program

Microsoft currently has different certificates that are related to App Builder, Azure, Dynamics
365, Windows Server, Productivity, Development, SQL Server, Microsoft 365.According to the
certificate type, they are divided into MCSA, MTA, MCSE,MOS, MCSD, etc.Let’s look at some of
the certifications in detail.

  • Microsoft Cloud
    The Microsoft Cloud certification path covers MTA and MCSA. There is only one certificate
    offered under MTA, which is Cloud Fundamentals. To attain it, the candidates are required to
    pass one exam to validate their skills and knowledge in the use of basic Microsoft Cloud
    services. As for the MCSA credentials, let’s have a look at MCSA: SQL 2016 BI Development. You
    must prove your skills in Cloud-based databases and on-premises, as well as in implementing BI
    solutions using tabular data models and OLAP cubes. It is your certification if you want to be a
    BI developer. To get this certificate, you should have basic IT skills, as well as pass two exams:
    70-767 and 70-768. The preparation materials are updated and wait for you at Examsnap.
  • Microsoft Mobility
    This certification path includes MTA. There is only one credential, which is MTA: Mobility &
    Device Fundamentals. This certificate requires no previous certifications. You only have to pass
    one exam, which is chosen form the list. The test validates the candidate’s knowledge in
    Windows devices and mobility. It is important to have hands-on experience working with
    Windows devices, Active Directory, firewalls, Windows-based networking, antimalware
    products, and network topologies and ports. To have a stress-free study for any of these exams,
    Examsnap is the platform to use for your preparation.
  • Microsoft Data

This certification path covers the MTA, MCSA, and MCSE levels. To earn MTA, you are required
to pass one exam focusing on database fundamentals. It is a good way to start as there are no
prerequisite certifications. Then, there is MCSA: Data Engineering with Azure that shows the
expertise level in engineering data with Cloud Services and HD Insight. MCSA: Machine Learning
needs two exams and knowledge in data science, machine learning, or analytics experience.
MCSA: SQL 2016 Database Development, MCSA: SQL 2016 BI Development, MCSA: SQL 2016
Database Administrationare also available and require two tests to be passed. MCSA: SQL
Server 2012/2014 needs three exams: 70-461, 70-462, and 70-463. It is important to mention
that Machine Learning and Data Engineering with Azure will be retired by June, 2019. More
detailed information is presented on the official Microsoft website.


The MCSE credential under this category has only one certification, MCSE: Data Management
and Analytics. To earn it, you must have MCSA in Data Engineering with Azure, SQL Server
2012/2014, Machine Learning, Database Development, SQL 2016 Database Administration, or
BI Reporting. In addition to this, you have to pass an additional exam from the list of 13 possible
ones. If you are planning to write any of these tests, Examsnap has the resources that will be of
great help to you. At Examsnap, you can find practice tests and a lot of other study materials to
learn and be prepared for the exam content.

  • Microsoft Productivity
    The credentials under this category differ greatly. They involveMOScertificates that evaluate
    knowledge regarding Office 2016 for each of the Office applications, including Word,
    PowerPoint, Excel, Access, and Outlook. For example, Microsoft Office Specialist on Microsoft
    Office 2016 can be earned without any prerequisites. You just need to pass one of the five
    exams. It increases your income potential and open the door to new certifications. The MCSE:
    Productivity certification demonstrates the abilities to enhance user productivity, decrease data
    loss, and improve security in the company. You should have the MCSA credential and pass one
    of the relevant exams.
  • Microsoft App Builder
    This area is covered bythe MCSA and MCSD certifications. The MCSA certificate path has two
    credentials, namely:MCSA: Web Applications and MCSA: Universal Windows Platform. The one
    in App Builder is also available. Details of the required exams can be found on the certification
    webpage. For your exam preparation, you can consult the Examsnap website for the most up-
    to-date and relevant resources.


  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
    This path includesthe MCSE and MCSAcertificates. MCSA has two credentials under it: MCSA:
    Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations and MCSA: Microsoft Dynamics 365. To earn any of
    these two, the candidates are required to pass two exams. The MCSE: Business Application
    certification is the only MCSE credential for this track. The students pursuing it must have
    earned MCSA, in addition to passing one exam from a list of eight tests.
  • Microsoft Core Infrastructure
    This path offers only one certificate, which is MCSE: Core Infrastructure. To earn it, the test
    takers are required to have either MCSA: Windows Server 2012 or MCSA: Windows Server
    2016. In addition to this, the candidates must pass one exam from a list of seven tests. Details
    of the exam and the requirements can be found on the official Microsoft webpage. To do your
    best during the exam, it is recommended that you use study tools from Examsnap.
    Microsoft is working to bring changes to existing certifications and exams. This is important
    because the world of IT is developing fast. To be up-to-date, follow the official websites and
    never stop your studies.

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