The ExOfficio Storm Logic jacket synthetic down jacket is designed with the frequent traveler in mind. The plethora of pockets for keys, glasses, and travel documents all point to ExOfficio’s roots as an adventure travel company. I have worn this jacket in all sorts of conditions from surprise rain storms to sub zero temperatures. It has held up well against the elements and protected me from wind, rain, and cold while keeping me warm too.

ExOfficio Storm Logic JacketPros

  • Lots of pockets – three external pockets: two zippered hand pockets and a zippered chest pocket; four internal pockets: a zippered cell phone pocket, a zippered passport pocket with key keeper, an open sunglasses pocket with a soft fabric lining to prevent scratches, and a larger open pocket for travel documents such as a boarding pass or tickets.
  • The jacket stuffs into a built-in compartment located in the bottom lower back portion of the jacket and becomes a surprisingly comfortable travel pillow!
  • The jacket is fairly light, coming in at 17 ounces. While it might not wow the ultra-light crowd, it won’t unnecessarily weigh down your stuffed suitcase.


  • Despite the rip stop fabric that the outer is constructed with I managed to tear a two inch hole into the right arm. I patched it with Tenacious Tape which has held well for several months. You just have to be a little gentle with this jacket.

Final Thoughts

This is a great jacket for travel. With the extra pockets you can safely and comfortably carry all of your essentials. I wore the jacket in temperatures well below freezing and was comfortable and warm. The polyester lining and PrimaLoft filling ensure that you will stay dry in a light rain too. Overall, ExOfficio has designed a solid jacket for the world traveler; just make sure you carry some patching material, such as Tenacious Tape.

Manufacturer: ExOfficio 
Date available: Currently available
MSRP: $165
Listed Weight: N/A
Actual Weight: 17 ounces (size medium)
Materials: 100% polyester

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