Those of us who’ve been tromping through the Pacific Northwest for more than a couple decades might remember Exploration Northwest. The TV show aired in the 60’s and 70’s and showcased outdoor adventure in the Pacific Northwest at its finest. The host was Don McCune, also known as Captain Puget. He was a songwriter, an avid outdoor lover and he was the voice and producer of this lovely series of yesteryear. We’ve recently had the honor of meeting Linda McCune, Don’s wife, who now owns much of the Exploration Northwest video library.

Below is a bit from the episode that followed a group who traversed the Bailey Range way back when. Take a trip back in time and remember how it was done in the “olden days.” The nostalgia in this clip is pretty amazing and underscores the basic things we all love about backpacking.

For more info, see Linda McCune’s bio below.


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