Have you ever felt a cloud? Well, neither had I until I slipped on a pair of FITS Sock Co. Rugged Crew Merino Wool socks. I have tried a lot of merino wool socks in my day but none seemed as soft as these. Once you slip them on it is hard to take them off as the fit and comfort are astounding. Right out of the box I could tell these were going to become my favorite socks for outdoor excursions.

I have used these socks on all sorts of adventures, including a short day hike to Mt. Baldy where at the trailhead it was 75º and at the summit it was in the mid 40s. Through all of the temperature variations my feet stayed delightfully cozy. I also wore them on a long weekend backpacking escapade carrying a 50+ pound pack and cramponing up a steep snow filled couloir. Despite the sub-freezing temperatures, snow, and heavy loads my feet stayed comfortable and dry. Even after several washings these socks are still soft and have maintained their superior fit.

Nowadays it seems that every product has some new technology that sets it above the competition, and these socks are no different. FITS Sock Co. has come up with F³ technology, which functions to prevent hot spots, bunching, and friction. It does this through an engineered heel cup, toe box, and leg contours that are designed to offer a superb fit. I received two pairs of XL socks that are advertised to fit men’s size 11.0-13.0. I am a size 9.0 and they fit me great. They did not feel too big for my feet and I never had any issues with bunching or the sock slipping inside of my boots.

The socks are constructed with 69% Merino wool, 24% Nylon, 4% Polyester and 3% Lycra® Spandex, which I think are the perfect blend of materials. The socks have not become stretched out or lost their support and cushioning. These socks are even made right here in America in Niota, Tennessee! With over 100 years of experience knitting socks (FITS Sock Co., originally called Crescent Sock Co. was founded in 1902) you can be sure that this family-owned company will provide a great pair of socks that will not let you down. And once you get a pair of these socks you can say, “Yes I have felt a cloud. And it was amazing.”

Fits socks retail for $17. You can find out more on their website.

© Aaron Tamayo

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