When you are active in the gym or outdoors, how do you keep all of your important things with you? Things like your car keys, cell phone, credit card, cash, mp3 player, and other such stuff that requires pockets? When wearing skin-tight clothes that have no pockets, this can be a challenge.

The FlipBelt helps. It’s made of “a moisture-wicking, spandex-lycra blend.” It could be used by ladies as a wrap-like hair tie, or it could be doubled over as a headband for men with smooth scalps. While its unintended uses may seem comical if not practical, this belt was made to contour to your waist line.

It has a sturdy and slightly elastic feel to it. It also has a surprising amount of strength in construction. It is not overly flashy but has the ability to make the statement that the wearer is health-conscious. The FlipBelt has a sleek and gentle surface and is soft to the touch.

Similar products, such as wrist belts and even some gym shorts and sports bras offer concealment of items like credit cards and keys. But the FlipBelt does seem to have some advantages.

As a stand alone product it is meant to be an easy addition to a variety of workout clothing combinations. So, if your gym or jogging wear is limited to t-shirts or even tight tops that don’t contain added pockets, the FlipBelt will work. If you have sweat pants with holes in hip pockets, the FlipBelt will work. A wrist belt might do fine but the FlipBelt, given its size around your waist, could hold more items. Perhaps keeping your items centralized on your body is a desire and the FlipBelt will do this. Also, while the FlipBelt doesn’t sport pockets large enough to carry hydration bottles, it does perform its intended purposes quite well.

A variety of situations might call on the assistance of the FlipBelt. Working out at the gym, walking, jogging, and even running at speed will see the properly fitted FlipBelt set tight, though without constraining, around the lower waist and upper hips.

The FlipBelt comes in a variety of sizes and colors so that everyone will be able to make the proper choice for them. The FlipBelt website lists some of the fun colors as: “Neon Punch,” “Nuclear Yellow,” “Carbon,” and “Aqua,” along with others. Sizes range from extra small to extra large.

In the three minute video review above, Sarah takes the FlipBelt through its paces at the gym. While making the video, she noticed that for the most part the FlipBelt blended very well with her movements and certainly did not constrain her efforts. Sarah points out all of the pluses and minuses she experienced. Overall, you will see that she was satisfied with her experience.

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