SBM is out enjoying family and giving thanks for all sorts of things.

Here are a few things we’re giving thanks for:

That perfect hike to a splendid mountain vista

Smiling faces on the hikers we pass

Digging teeth of our ice axe into the crunchy snow

Stuffing the 60-liter pack full and hefting it onto our backs before heading off-road for a couple days

Hiking with that one favorite buddy who never lets you down

Moving quietly down the little-known path where you never pass a soul

Mounds of fluffy snow to play in however you please

The first shower after a 5-day backpack

That guy who picked up your wrapper that you didn’t even know you dropped (thanks to you!)

That overnight in the pouring rain, because it makes you really appreciate the dry ones

Mob outings where the whole family rambles down the trail, full of laughter, bonding and enjoying the outdoors together. That’s where we are today. Hope you are, too.

fam ski2009_std

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