grizzly bear kills man
Grizzly bear kills man in Glacier National Park. Photo Source:

Grizzly bear kills man in Glacier National Park.  Brad Treat, 38, of Montana was killed Wednesday in a grizzly bear attack in Glacier National Park.  According to the Flathead County Sheriff Chuck Curry, Treat, was attacked at 2 p.m. while riding his mountain bike with another adult male rider.  The attack occurred on U.S. Forest land in the Halfmoon Lakes area near West Glacier National Park.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, the men likely surprised the bear.  During the attack, the bear charged and took Treat off his bike.  The second rider escaped the scene unhurt and rode for help. Treat was pronounced dead at the scene.

The bear attack in Glacier is under investigation by the Montana Department of Fish Wildlife and Parks, the U.S Forest Service, and the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office.  According to wildlife officials, this grizzly bear attack in Glacier is unusual because the victim was riding a bike and was with another adult.  The attack is also unusual because of the proximity to a popular camping area in the park.

This is the second year in a row that there has been a fatal grizzly bear attack of a park employee.  Last year a park employee was killed in Yellowstone National Park.  The employee had been exercising in an area near the Lake Village area of the park when he was fatally attacked by a mother bear.  Wildlife biologists are concerned that both attacks occurred so close to popular and inhabited areas of the parks.

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