My iPhone 5 goes with me on all of my adventures. Wrapped safely in my LifeProof case, there really is no reason to leave it at home. The Guthook Pacific Crest Trail Guide  by Guthook is an excellent application that compliments the already useful and handy nature of my iPhone, making it an even more valuable trail companion. If you are planning to thru hike or even just explore a section of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), the Guthook App is worth every penny. Here is why:

Topo Trail Overview w POI copy

Map – The app features an excellent topo map with an overlay of the PCT. You can select Point(s) Of Interest (POI) along the trail and you have the option to open a separate window that describes that POI. Any pertinent notes (and, in most cases, a photo) are also included with the POI that you have selected.

News copy

News – Users can submit news alerts for the region of the PCT that they are hiking or planning on hiking. This is a particularly useful tool to stay up to date on trail conditions and hazards. The research that went into creating this app is impressive.

Elevation Profile copy

Elevation – The elevation profile is an excellent touch to this already amazing app. If you have allowed the app to access your location, you can view your location on the elevation profile. For example, you can see just how much further you have to climb before reaching camp or how much downhill you have to hike tomorrow before reaching your cache.

POI copy


  • The app is available on iOS and Android platforms.
  • It is affordable at only $5.99 for each region of the trail. The entire PCT is available on five separate apps.
  • I had no issues with bugs, crashes, freezes, or any other annoyances that are common with apps on a mobile device.
  • The Guthook app is frequently updated. You can be certain that you are using current and correct maps with up-to-date trail conditions, hazards, and POIs.


  • When you first open the app it must first connect with a server and download the information for that region. It is a pretty large file (upwards of 200 mb). After this initial download the app is ready to hit the trail, although you should check occasionally to ensure there are not any updates.

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