Haeleum Braedan Long Sleeve Insect Repellent Shirt

When a product makes a claim that it repels mosquitos and other nasty little bitters, I’m always skeptical. After all, I’ve spent my fair share of time out-of-doors in very exotic locations and have seen swarms of mosquitos that made tough men run. So when I received my Haeleum Braedan long sleeve insect repellent shirt, I was looking forward to putting it through its paces. Those paces occurred in the great Tsingy of Madagascar – 150 km of deadly sharp limestone labyrinth covered by one of the planet’s few remaining subtropical dry forests. Translation: everything there wants to bit you, sting you, cut you or snag you.

Haeleum Braedan Long Sleeve Insect Repellent ShirtThis was for an Adventure Science project titled 100 Miles of Wild: Madagascar’s Limestone Labyrinth where a team of eleven researchers and athletes were on the ground to search for caves, dinosaur tracks, archaeological sites and to conduct lemur surveys.

We set our remote field camp on the edge of the forest next to a small creek, which provided water for drinking, cooking and bathing – a luxury on expeditions such as this. With water, however, comes mosquitos, and we didn’t need to wait long before they made their presence known. In addition to mosquitos, there were insects we called “sweat bees,” which would literally swarm any exposed piece of skin or fabric saturated with sweat – and were most active during the peak heat of the day.

I wore my Braedan long sleeve shirt from day one through the entire expedition. Not only did it surprise me in its ability to keep bugs off of me, it also protected my skin from UV rays. In the early days of the expedition, I spent two nights in the tsingy wilderness sleeping in the open – without any bedding. My Braedan shirt was my only protection from the elements and from any insects on the ground. I was impressed at how well the fabric worked to keep insects away. While my expedition companions were getting swarmed by sweat bees, I was in a much better position, as they would never land on the shirt.

Haeleum Braedan Long Sleeve Insect Repellent Shirt

From this perspective, the shirt performed admirably and lived up to its advertised functionality – bug proof, UV resistant and it did well to wick moisture from the skin to help moderate body temperature – it was as effective inside of a cave as it was in the open savannah.

There were only two issues that I had with the shirt. The first was a fit issue. For my frame, the medium fit my torso perfectly, but the sleeves were too short, while the large would have been too loose in the body, but good in the sleeves. This wasn’t an issue with the short-sleeved versions and is something to consider when making your purchase, as you may have to opt for a looser fit to get the sleeve length you need. The second concern I had with the shirt was that the microfibre weave would snag on the thorny plants and vines quite easily when we were bushwhacking, which left the garment looking used and abused after our first bushwhack session. This issue is being addressed for 2015 and, in all honesty, would not be an issue for the regular trail-user.

Haeleum Braedan Long Sleeve Insect Repellent Shirt

Bottom Line:

Overall, I was pleased with the performance of this product. It kept the bugs off and for that, I would certainly use it again.

Tech Specs:

MSRP: $39.99

Availability: Available now

Insect Shield Repellent Technology

40+ UPF sun protection

Materials: 100% Natural Stretch DryTru Polyester

Weight: 4.2 oz

Haeleum Braedan Long Sleeve Insect Repellent Shirt


Insect repellency


Sun protection







  • Keeps bugs away
  • Holds up in extreme environments
  • Has UV protection


  • 2014 model snags
  • Slightly awkward fit

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