It’s Earth Day and we love any excuse to get outside. Especially when the sun is doing its thing in Seattle. This infographic with history and more great stats and reminders about why we love our National Parks. But today we have an extra reason. It’s Monday, it’s sunny, you’re an outdoors person… do you need more excuses? Well, how about this: All week the National Parks Service is admitting visitors free of charge! And, in case you are new the area, or just forgot,  you have four gorgeous National Parks within a 3-hour drive of your door step (if you are in the Seattle area). They are: North Cascades, Rainier, Olympic and Mt St Helens ( Technically National Volcanic Monument, but we like to count it).

See you on the trails!

landscape matera dms3-2-19_std

North Cascades from the air. Courtesy of  Stephen Matera

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