Hart Outdoor First Aid Kit Review of Day Hike Kit, Weekend Kit and, Extended Kit.

Hart Outdoor First Aid Extended, Weekend and, Day Hike Open Kit


Hart Outdoor First Aid Extended, Weekend and, Day Hike Kit

It would take thirty years of hiking and backpacking to do a thorough review of the Hart Outdoors First Aid Kits.  So in the interest of time let’s draw on my past thirty years of leading hundreds of hikes with thousands of people and discover real world what is most likely to be needed in a first aid kit. And of course, First Aid training would be ideal when using these kits.

The two most common injuries in my experience are lack of electrolytes and pulled or strained muscles most commonly a sprained ankle.  That is of course outside of the time a friend lost a few toes to frostbite but that’s a whole other can of worms.

Extended Kit

Off the shelf, these are pretty well thought out.  Covering most of the concern you might have for each designated length of the trip.  While the Extended Kit does have a couple of packets of Electrolyte pills and an elastic bandage I would for sure supplement all of the kits with an additional elastic bandage maybe a few single serving packets of Gatorade and a lot more ibuprofen for that sprained ankle.

Weekend Kit


I do like the fact that all of the kits include Moleskin.  The real take away for me here is I like the fact that they pretty much cover all of the appropriate items for each designated size of the kit.

While they do cover most any over the counter medication cured situation such as an antacid, Asprin, Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen (had to look that one up)  I think that could be beefed up a little.

Day Hike Kit

If your meds expire or you used an item they do have refill kits.  I would just say it would be nice to be able to purchase single items and not an entire Kit refill.


Hart Outdoor First Aid Kit


Weight vs Practicality


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