Hobie Bayside Sunglasses

The Hobie Bayside Hydroclean Polycarbonate Polarized Sunglasses are not only stylish, but also a functional eyewear choice for the discerning outdoor enthusiast.

The polarized lenses are great for fishing and other water sports. I was impressed with the lenses’ ability to cut through glare and allow me to see what was going on under the surface of the water.

Hobie Bayside Sunglasses

The sunglasses have no rubber grip nose pads or temple tips. This made them very comfortable to wear and easy to take on and off. Furthermore, I never had any problems with the sunglasses coming off unexpectedly. Even when jumping across rivers or mountain biking, the glasses stayed firmly in place.

I dropped the sunglasses by accident, on several occasions, after forgetting they were on top of my head and taking my hat off. The lenses never got scratched, but the frame suffered a few nicks and dents. Nothing irritates me more than a pair of glasses with scratched lenses. I was very impressed that, despite the numerous drops, the lenses were just fine.

I have had many sunglasses that refract what I’m looking at, and these sunglasses did not have that problem. I could tie a fly onto a 6x tippet with the Bayside Hobie Sunglasses on! With all my other sunglasses, I would have had to take them off to accomplish detail-oriented tasks.

While I appreciated the dark tint on bright days on the river, I did find that the glasses were just a bit too dark for cloudy days in the shade. However, Hobie offers many different polarized tint options, such as Hobie Grey, Blue Mirror, Sunset Mirror, Green Mirror and Copper.

The only problem I had with the glasses was the Hobie logo on the upper corner of the right lens. At first, I kept thinking there was a bug or a scratch on my lens. After awhile, I got used to the logo, and now I don’t even notice it.

Hobie Bayside Sunglasses

Photo Credit: Cameron Kline

Hobie didn’t skimp on the accessories either. The sunglasses come with a very nice soft case, a cleaning cloth and a sunglasses tether that attaches on the arms at the temple tip. They are all well-made and durable.

Bottom Line:

The Hobie Bayside Sunglasses are a great, functional buy for anyone looking for good-looking, outdoor-activity-ready sunglasses.

Tech Specs:

MSRP: $190.00

Lenses: Hydroclean Plus Glass

Frames: TR-90

Nose Pads: Megol Ruber

RX Friendly

8 Base Polarized Lens

Lens Colors: Grey, Sunset Mirror, Cobalt Blue, Copper Lens

Hobie Bayside Sunglasses











  • Durable
  • Clean visuals
  • High-quality accessories
  • Lots of designs and lens tint options to choose from


  • Logo on the right lens

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