Early January storm forces home off of eroded ledge

Video Source: KOMO news – House Falls into Wallace River

On Monday, Jan. 5th at approximately 1 p.m. a home fell into the Wallace River near Gold Bar, Washington.

House Falls into Wallace River
Source: KOMO news

Before the storm, the house was sitting on a heavily eroded bank in an area alongside the river. The next minute, the home was plunging into the river, being snatched up by the current and swept downstream. No one was inside of the home when it fell into the river.

According to KING 5 News, the owner of the home was out-of-town and neighbors were concerned about the effects that a rainstorm would have on the home. They were able to capture video footage of the home falling into the river. The homeowner is reported to have lived in the home for at least 20 years.

According to KOMO news another building was lost to the river during the storm: an outbuilding used primarily for laundry.

River erosion continues to be a problem along the Wallace River, and county inspectors are expected to assess the situation.

House Falls into Wallace River
Source: KING5 News

For more information see the KING5 and KOMO news reporting of the incident.

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