Over the holiday break, I tested out the Hyperion down-filled jacket (It got to see the mountains twice on my back).  It was designed and constructed by Feathered Friends, a Seattle-based company since 1972 (I mention this because I think that it’s important to support local companies, especially those that make superior products).  It also happens to be the gear giveaway this month (You have to enter to win, of course.  Your chances are significantly better than the lottery!!).


First, I wanted to share a little about the hyperion jacket’s name (call me a geek, but I found it interesting!!).  Hyperion, in Greek mythology, was one of the 12 titans (he was the lord of light).  This titan was given honorable mention in Homer’s Odyssey and Shakespeare’s Hamlet.  Conversely, Hyperion is ALSO one of Saturn’s 62 moons and the first irregularly-shaped moon to be discovered.    I am choosing to believe that the jacket was named after a titan as it just sounds a bit more relative to the jacket.  Though I suppose it is open to your own interpretation!

The Hyperion is a unisex jacket, which is important to note as women will need to order a size down for good fit (I normally wear a small, but I think an extra-small would have fit me better even with three layers).  The one downfall to a unisex jacket is that it is not tailored to a woman’s body, which can be curvy and/or tapered depending on the woman.  It has a bit of a tail cut, which is great for climbers!!  Though I wasn’t climbing anything, I found the tail nice as jackets tend to ride up under the weight of a pack, but this jacket’s tail always kept my back fully covered.  Also, it has a draw cord, which is perfect to keep the draft out (Though I was lucky, didn’t have any wind either day).

The hyperion jacket is a mere 11 ounces on average (And can be stuffed into its own pocket) and has an 850 down fill.  It took up about two liters’ space in my backpack and kept me amazingly warm on my descents from Windy Pass and Mt. Si (One day had a reading of a mere six degrees Fahrenheit).  You can choose two different types of Fabric, NanoSphere or Epic by Nextec.  The NanoSphere (treated nylon fabric) comes in one color and is the lightest material that Feathered Friends offers; however, it is not 100% waterproof (Though it is water resistant).  The Epic by Nextec (non-treated polyester fabric) comes in seven colors and is water, wind, and washer (Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Clause!!) proof.  It is also breathable material; however, the material is also a bit heavier than the NanoSphere (unnoticeably so).    Both fabric options are the same price ($225), and you can custom order a color for an additional $30 (Feathered Friends is known for custom orders in nearly any of the products they make).  I personally would lean towards the Epic by Nextec (though it may be a bit heavier) as it is all-weather proof (and can be washed over and over without losing its ability to be all-weather proof).

hyperion jacket_1

It has three pockets, two outside and one inside.  The one inside is a large zippered stash pocket (Perfect for my immediate essentials:  treats, hand warmers, and Burt’s Bees Chapstick).  The outside pockets are good hand warmers, though not zippered (there is extra insulation in these areas).  The front zipper is also 100% windproof, eliminating the possibility of draft.  Ultimately, as previously mentioned, it kept me very warm in cold conditions.   Thank you, Feathered Friends!!

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