Icebreaker Aero Short Sleeve Crewe

The Aero has a light, soft and springy feel when you put it on. The 120 featherweight material is made with 90% merino wool and 10% nylon. Icebreaker tags each garment with a unique “baacode,” which allows customers to learn more about the New Zealand merino wool farms that produced the wool for their garments. I typed my shirt’s “baacode” into the Icebreaker website and traced the wool in my shirt to 5 of their 120 merino farms.

Icebreaker Aero Short Sleeve Crewe

I’ve been wearing this shirt around town, while hiking and even as a sleep shirt while camping. The 120 featherweight material is thin, but feels relatively durable. The 10% nylon likely adds a bit of strength to the material.

Seams and Side Panels

Icebreaker uses flatlock seams along the shoulders and around the side panels of the shirt. Flatlock seams are, as you might suspect, flat, and they feel more comfortable underneath backpack straps. The side panels, which eliminate seams under the arms, prevent chafing and make the shirt feel more comfortable when moving around.


As I mentioned before, I slept in this shirt, wore it casually around town and hiked in it. It’s soft and comfortable enough to sleep in and more stylish than your average T-shirt. As a hiking shirt, I thought it was fairly breathable and quick drying. For me, it was perfect for 60 and 70 degree weather. It proved to be a tad warm for me when temperatures rose into the 80s and 90s. I also wore this shirt for multiple days between washing and found it to be very odor resistant. Whether or not the people around me felt the same way, I’m not sure.


  • Merino wool is soft and odor resistant
  • Flatlock shoulder seams are comfortable under backpack straps
  • Side panels increase freedom of movement and prevent chafing under arms
  • “Baacode” shows you where the wool in your garment came from
  • 120 featherweight is very lightweight
  • Cut and colors are attractive

Icebreaker Aero Short Sleeve Crewe


  • Must air dry; will shrink if tumble dry
  • Merino wool is expensive, but this shirt is competitively priced

Bottom line

The Icebreaker Aero Short Sleeve Crewe is an attractive, comfortable, lightweight shirt. It’s a great shirt whether you want to work up a sweat or simply walk around town.

Manufacturer: Icebreaker
Date Available: Currently
MSRP: $59.99
Weight: 4.5 oz. for men’s large
Materials: 90% merino wool, 10% nylon
Colors: Monsoon/Mineral, Cadet/Neo, Heat/Trail Heather, Aegean/Cadet, Lucky/Cactus
Comfort Guarantee: “We guarantee Icebreaker to be the world’s most comfortable, best performing merino clothing. If you’re not completely satisfied with your Icebreaker, return it within 90 days to wherever you bought it from and we’ll be happy to replace it.”
Warranty: “We will replace your Icebreaker garment within a year of purchase if it has been damaged by faulty fabric, stitching or manufacturing. Please return your garment as soon as possible so we can assess its condition and send you a replacement. Damage that occurs after a year is usually caused by wear and tear.” Here is the complete returns and warranty information page. 

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