Backpack cover

1) Use backpack covers for travel

Do not leave a backpack exposed to the rough and tumble of airport luggage travel. There is fabric that can be torn, or straps that can be caught on conveyer belts. It does not take much for a backpack to become damaged after you check it at the airport. However, using a pack cover can protect a backpack from these hazards. Find a cover that is made of a durable material that will completely cover the pack. Also, check to see if the cover has straps to carry it through the airport like a duffle bag. For added security, use a small TSA complaint lock around the zippers.



Gas canisters

2) Leave the gas canisters at home

Gas canisters are not allowed in airport luggage, so remember to leave that at home. This means that a resupply source at your destination should be researched. In some cases a different stove will have to be packed so that an appropriate fuel type can be acquired at your destination.



Backpacking food

3) Bring backpacking food

Finding the right dehydrated backpacking foods can be challenging and expensive if the shopping is done in a foreign country. The easiest solution is to simply bring all the food needed for the trip. Pack the food in a single bag that is easily accessible for customs. If there are homemade foods make sure that it is labeled.



Laptop customs

4) Visit the customs website

Each country has its own customs website that will outline any restrictions or limits to items brought into their country. It’s worth the time to read these restrictions so that you do not have any issues at customs. Typically raw foods are restricted and things like tobacco and alcohol are allowed only in limited quantities.



Travel bags

5) Eliminate extra bags

It is tempting to bring an additional bag full of items for when the backpacking trip is over. But dealing with additional bags can be cumbersome and annoying. Pack any additional items in a stuff sack that can fit into your main backpack along with all your other gear instead. You can always leave this stuff sack with the non-trail items in a locker before heading out on the trail.



travel tips 5

6) Don’t forget a passport

Seems obvious, but it can happen. Forgetting a passport is the quickest way to end a trip. Make sure the passport is not expired, or will not expire while on the trip.


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